“I printed out the logo for Zoom and I stuck it on my pumpkin…”

So, one of the prompts that I really liked was “what is your favorite Halloween costume that you have ever worn?” and, um, instead of that, I’ve decided to talk about the best pumpkin I’d ever carved, ‘cause I’ve got a good story for that one. So, in the fall of 2020, I was at home living with my parents because college was online. It was the height of the pandemic, and I wasn’t allowed to go back. So I was stuck there. Um, and, hopefully, hopefully, things would be okay in the following fall in 2021, so I was living on the assumption that this Halloween would be the last Halloween for a while that I got to carve a pumpkin with my little brother. Uh, so, I decided I was gonna go all out. Um, and, you know when you get, like, a pumpkin and you wanna turn it into a jack o’ lantern, usually you try and carve a face onto it – I know my brother has done, like Star Wars characters in the past. Um, I think I did Star Wars characters in the past. But I decided that this was going to be the year that I did something scary on my pumpkin, and I started to come up with ideas of “what is the scariest thing that I can carve into this pumpkin?” Uh, and, as a college student who is taking classes online, getting up – living in – on the east coast but doing all my classes on pacific coast time, um, staying up ‘till three in the morning doing homework ‘cause all my classes started at noon, the scariest thing that I could think of was taking school online. So I went to the printer, and I printed out the logo for Zoom and I stuck it on my pumpkin and I carved out the Zoom logo and I sat that on our front porch. And I was so proud of it. I took a ton of pictures. I sent it to all my friends. I thought I was so clever. But, uh, I think to this day that is my favorite pumpkin I’ve ever carved. And I don’t think that I can top that. I think that the cultural consciousness required to fully understand and laugh at said pumpkin will never be the same again. Uh, hopefully for the better. But, yeah, no, I was really proud of that. I just wanted to talk about the, uh – my favorite pumpkin that I’d ever carved.