“I still liked to imagine after that that there were… hard floors on top of the clouds.”

One of the questions for this week is, “Have you ever been in a thick fog, where it was difficult to see what was in front of you? Where were you?” One of the first times I remember ever being in a fog was when I was about five. I think I had been asking a lot of questions about clouds and like, if you could stand on clouds, if you could kind of hold on to them, like if you could walk on top of them, that was something that I really like very strongly believed as a child. Is that like the clouds were sort of fluffy underneath, but like, on the top, they were like flat and hard and solid and, if you got up there you could walk on top of them. But so I had been asking all of these questions, and then one morning very early, I think before the sun was up really, my mom woke me up and took me outside. It was very foggy. It was a summer day, but it was very cold, and there was like a thick fog very low to the ground. And we were walking around. My mom said, this is a cloud. So, all of the questions, all of the things you’re wondering about the clouds up there. That’s the same thing that this is, so right now, you’re walking through a cloud. These are just low to the ground clouds. And I remember that very, very clearly. It was just like — my mom has always been good about sort of explaining things to me in, like, a physical way, um like a teacher, which is something that, like, her mom used to do for her. But it’s just something where I still liked to imagine after that that there were, you know, hard floors on top of the clouds, but then I knew that that was just something in my mind and that I could walk through clouds and I had done it.