“… we all were in the art studio making the cave.”

And then he even had us do hands on projects. Like I will always remember this. So we were studying kind of like, I call it caveman stuff, but like, the Paleolithic and Neolithic type of stuff. And you know cave paintings, and so he had us, as a group, as a class, make a cave out of cardboard and make cave paintings and think about – like we each got to make one painting in it and you had to think about like why would you make that painting. And so I have – I had a cat at the time so I drew like an outline of her and that was gonna be my cave painting ’cause I really loved my cat. And I remember – and then like this one guy worked at a factory and he could get refrigerator size boxes, so he brought those in and we were all like, “Yeah, that’s so awesome,” you know? And so we all were in the art studio making the cave. And this one, she was kind of a more like liberal, smaller, soft spoken girl. Uh, lady, I should say. And this kind of like huskier, you know, huskier, commanding kinda guy were arguing because – I don’t remember which one’s which, but one of them wanted to put cardboard on top of our kind of like U-shaped cave to make it look more, feel more cave-like. And the other one’s like, “No, that’s gonna block the light or something, and we should have it open.” And they were like – and everyone else in the room was quiet. It was just like a circle with them kinda in the middle and everyone’s just like listening. So instead of it being like everyone’s putting input in, it’s more like there’s these two people arguing with each other and then I guess whoever wins, we’ll do whatever. So I tried to come up with the meet in the middle solution and like, you know, “Both ideas are good, why don’t we do half of it with a covering to kinda get that feeling and then the other half is open to let the light in.” But they were both so into the argument that I don’t even know if I was like heard or you know or acknowledged or anything, but yeah. And I thought it was interesting because like I went to go and get the art professor to be like, “Hey, people are fighting in the studio.” And it was cute because he was in the other room, listening. So he was interested in what are people thinking when they get together as a team to make a project. So I’ll always remember that.

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