Zach Sebree

“So I lived my first week here in total darkness.”

These days I’m, uh, living in an overpriced off campus apartment. Very exciting, um, where they freaking — we were freaking scammed out of like ceiling lights because for some reason in this nearly like almost a thousand dollar apartment — over twice what I paid when I was living in my own in Strasburg. They neglected the importance of having lights on the ceiling cause you know darkness is a thing and not a thing particularly productive in terms of, uh, you know, or particularly helpful in terms of homework production. So you, so yeah, so I lived my first week here in total darkness. It was good. Very exciting. Very nice. And yeah, I’m got like three roommates here. Two guys I kind of knew before one guy I didn’t really know before or one of whom I never really well before and then another guy I met the semester, but who just happens to be pretty cool. So I’ll take it.

Um honestly though, I spend a lot more time over in my, uh, my girlfriend’s apartment. She lives like just the floor above me, so. And I’m friends with all her friends and stuff, so. I don’t know, I found myself — I also don’t have video games there. So I am a lot more productive when I’m over there and it’s very nice. So I spend — and also she’s there which as you can imagine is a plus so I spend a lot of my time over there — and honestly most of my time. And anytime I’m not there, I’m usually in class slaving away as per the whims of our academic masters or walking to places where I can fulfill these whims. So it’s kind of the state of my life at the moment. Very, very exciting stuff. Just thrilling.