“I don’t, I can’t have the capacity to do it. I don’t have enough time.”

So this morning, I was pissed because I looked at that stupid to-do list on Sunday. And again, saw my name by a bunch of stuff and I knew that any time they’re gonna talk about it like they’re — so yeah, so that’s what happened at the 9 am meeting. She’s like, “Oh, [name] can’t do it so we’re gonna have to give her some help. Like here, like we’re gonna give you this person and like teach them how to do your job and like they’ll help you.” And again, I’m pissed because it’s like, I haven’t touched this like since January and anyone else could train him and I kept trying to tell her like “Well, no, training somebody it doesn’t, doesn’t mean it’s off my plate. It just now means it’s going to take more time for me to like, have to remember what even this task is that like shouldn’t even be on my plate because I didn’t even touch it last. And like I don’t, I can’t have the capacity to do it. I don’t have enough time.”

And it’s like what do you want? And so I’m so glad that like this morning too, she was like, “Well he needs something to do and he’s waiting on you.” And so again I was like, “I’m just gonna annoy her — like completely ignore her and I’m just gonna get my stuff done. The stuff that I think I should be getting done.” And I’m so glad I did because sure enough at a one o’clock meeting the boss — the manager came in and was just like, “No, [name] needs to do this like, so just stay on that task. Like don’t — like that’s the number one priority.” And I was like, “So I thought. I don’t know.” So again, it’s just like, it’s really frustrating, basically. 

And so yeah. All today, I’ve just been like but like, ugh. But luckily, oh yeah then it all turned around. I’m glad I didn’t mention this rant to anybody at work because sure enough like at 1 o’clock, I saw my name was finally removed from these items and it was given to somebody else who has nothing else to do right now while I’m working like, I’m planning on another 20, 30 hours of overtime and um, this week, this week period. And then sure enough somebody else trained him on how to do it. Like wow. Yeah, because anyone else could do this. Like I really just felt like, it was, you know, imagine like a Walmart cash register. And all of my co-workers have like one employee — like one customer and I have one like out the door. And it’s like or like just one customer who has like a million items.

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