“So my husband decided that the way to get the stain out was to use bleach.”

You said “What’s the best thing you ever found in your sofa cushions?” Well, when my children were little and our furniture was new, we had a blue sofa — couch. You can call it whatever you want. But we had a blue one. Had three cushions across the bottom and all the cushions were not connected to the sofa so they could be picked up. One of my children while I was at school — and I think that they were home with their dad cause they were little — they did something to the sofa that stained it very badly. I don’t know if it was paint or what it was. So my husband decided that the way to get the stain out was to use bleach. And he put bleach on the co- — sofa cushion. And of course it automatically turned bright white. And he had all kinds of problems. He didn’t know what to do. And he took it outside and let it dry. And then he turned it over. And the cushions were just the same on the other side, so I didn’t realize it. And it took a while and that furniture wasn’t the kind of furniture that you had to like vacuum the sofa cushions. So it was a long time I think before one day something happened and I dropped something, and — a kid dropped a toy or I dropped some money or something and I thought “Oh, I’ll just pick up the sofa cushion.” And I lifted up the bottom of the sofa cushion and the bottom of the sofa cushion had a huge white stain in it. And I kind of went {gasp} and my husband came out and I said to him “What happened here? Who did this?” And he just looked at me with this look on his face, and he said “I did.” And I just, just — I didn’t know what to do. I just didn’t know whether to start yelling, start crying or whatever. It was a relatively new sofa. But I figured oh, well, there’s nothing that it’s gonna happen. That was on there for the next 15 years until we got rid of that sofa.

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