“Why is it raining in the kitchen?”

So we were at my gra- -- not my grandparents -- my cousin's house in Iowa and, um, everyone was watching football because it was Sunday afternoon after my, um, uncle had preached at church, Um, so they were all watching football. And this was a couple ye- -- um -- it was like -- I think I was like seven or eight maybe, and my mom gave my little brother -- was giving my little brother a bath upstairs. And so she comes back down because something really exciting happened in football and she wanted to see the replay and all that jazz. So my brother's taking a bath upstairs and he's like four, does not know what he's doing. He's playing with his toys, it's fine. And I walk over to the kitchen to get -- cuz I'm kind of bored out of my mind ‘cause I don't really like football. I walk to the kitchen to get a glass of water or a snack or something and I immediately say, "Um, why is it raining in the kitchen?" And my uncle and Mom run over and then my mom sprints upstairs and turns the water off to my little brother's bath and it kind of flooded the whole upstairs and then a bunch of things were happening and it was a whole issue so we had to go, um, down -- we had to evacuate the house and call these worker people. And so we ended up going to McDonald's and these people came and kind of cleaned it up and they didn't have to like replace it -- anything. They just had to like, use this like, special -- I don't know what they had to do. I was little. Um, so it was really cool -- not cool, awful. But it was kind of funny, and now, I have that fun story.

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“My brother kept saying, ‘Mom, there’s a animal on this stroller.’”

So what happened was, when me and my sister were younger, we decided to put carrots outside for the bunnies. But it attracted possums. So they broke into the window. They ran into our garage. And the next morning like we were getting ready for school because we live so close to school so we could just walk. And this was in elementary. Um, and so we were gonna take my little brother in the stroller. So my -- we have like this cup holder and it's of a whale on the stroller, and my brother kept saying, "Mom, there is an animal in the stroller." And she would -- thought it was the whale, so she's like, "Oh okay cool, like blah blah blah blah blah." We were trying to rush to get to school and he kept saying that and saying that. And finally he said, "Mom there is an animal in the stroller." And he was four so he could barely talk so it was really funny. And I was inside grabbing my coat. And all of a sudden I hear my mom screaming. In a stroll- -- in, in the stroller, there was a possum sleeping in a blanket like a little baby, and it was really scary. Uh, and before that, my mom stepped in its poop, so that was great. And then she ran outside, closed the garage, and I ran out screaming. And then we went to school, and then finally, um, my mom came -- my dad came from work and he took the stroller and dumped the possum out. And that was a great story. We got in a little bit of trouble.

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“And she went ballistic and she emailed me and emailed my boss.”

Um, and then one of this, one of the -- I'm supposed to work with, um different departments. And so this one lady, she's a guidance counselor. She's, like, the lead guidance counselor, and she just has, like, an aggressive, I want what I want attitude. And you know, if you like -- long story short, she um, messaged me and she put in some incorrect dates, which is understandable. But the same time, she also copies my supervisor, so, I sent her a nice message but factual, um, "it's actually these dates", you know, "if you're going to add dates, please add the correct dates." And she went ballistic and she emailed me and emailed my boss and I'm pretty sure she'll email the superintendent. And, it's just, what? What? A, just, stick of dynamite, like, you know, it's just -- it's difficult cause like, certain people get into leadership positions, and they just want to explode on other people if you -- you know, if they say jump and you don't say how high. So it's like yes, I'm trying to get her stuff, but I'm also doing 500 more students than I did last year, and I'm trying to cram it into 40 hours and not work over 40 because I won't get paid. So it is what it is, and I'm sure that she's upset about it, but she's gonna have to be upset about it.

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“This popcorn looked relatively inconspicuous until I started eating it.”

"This one's not as fun, but a couple times, um, my sister -- my sister loves salt and vinegar things. Um, and so, like, everything, like all the snacks that she likes are salt and vinegar, and she -- one time we went to the store. I don't know if anyone is from the Lansing area um has been to Horrock's in, uh, in Delta Township, but uh they have popcorn that -- like, they have a whole popcorn section and they have a lot of different types of popcorn and my sister was tasked with getting it -- wasn't -- my mom -- she asked if she could get popcorn, she's like, "Yeah, go pick one out." And just like, didn't say anything, um, didn't really talk about which one she grabbed. It just looked like normal popcorn and I went and started eating it, and one, one fact about me, I hate salt and vinegar, like I'm not -- too, it's, yeah, it's a lot for me, so I don't like it. And so this popcorn looked relatively inconspicuous until I started eating it and realized it was salt and vinegar, and she had decided -- and she's the only -- also keep in mind, she's the only person in my family who likes salt and vinegar, so she picked an entire huge bag of popcorn just for herself instead of like sharing it with people, which is fine, whatever, but didn't tell anyone that it was salt and vinegar."

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“I was auditioning for Bonnie and Clyde with my community theater.”

When were you told to not get too excited but it ended up being as great as you hoped? So, I think that's one time in a show, I was auditioning for Bonnie and Clyde with my community theater, and I went to my audition and I felt like I knocked it out of the park. And I was auditioning for teen Bonnie. And my parents -- because I had never really gotten like the role I auditioned for before were like, “Don't get your hopes up about this.” But then I got the part. And I was so excited. It was amazing.

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“I love Captain Sundae.”

You know what I do love, though? I love Captain Sundae which is a restaurant we have in Michigan. I always -- every single time, time I go I get, uh -- it's an M&M and Oreo flurry. So it's vanilla ice cream with M&Ms and Oreos mixed in and it is so good. It doesn't really smell like anything. It kinda smells -- you know, like when you open the refrigerator and then you like breathe in and it's like really cold smelling and there's just that weird smell and like makes your nose cold. That's kind of what it smells like if that makes sense. And it kinda -- it really just tastes like vanilla ice cream with Oreos and M&Ms cause, you know, that's what it is. And then it just looks like vanilla ice cream and chopped up M&Ms and then some chopped up Oreos in it. And then the M&M's skin of -- skin, um -- the outer layer -- the shell of the M&M makes like the color, the color swirls in it when you mix it around, um and that's kind of what it looks like.

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“We also set up our Christmas lights.”

And then we also set up our Christmas lights and a lot of people think that's like really early but actually it's like -- cause we want to have them up for Halloween and leave em up for a long time. And then we also set up like some Halloween decorations. We normally don't have Halloween decora- decorations. But this year because, this year because my mom saw something that she liked, so now she's gonna do that. And, yeah.

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“He somehow jabbed a knitting needle through a mirror.”

They also had a magic show there too, so me and my mom both watched that. They had some really cool tricks, though, like a disappearing stool. And he somehow jabbed a knitting needle through a mirror, which was really interesting. So he first put the mirror in a knit bag, then he put the -- then he took a knitting needle and stabbed it right through, and it came out the other end. I still do not understand how that worked. And the magician's name was Taylor Hughes and he is a really famous person, I think. He got his own website and everything. So I really appreciate him.

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“So I always joke that she’s the one that got away, because it was always like, the right person, wrong time.”

When I was in high school, I had a boyfriend, but I also was developing a crush on another -- on one of my friends, and she had a crush on me back. And you know, it was kind of like, wrong place, wrong time. So, I was already in a relationship and I really liked her. And we got along, like, really great. And my boyfriend was a senior and he was gonna graduate soon. I didn't know what was gonna happen after that. Turns out we were gonna break up. Um, he was gonna break up with me, devastate me, which happened. First love is always like that. But um, you know, honestly I was thinking at the time, "I still want to be in this relationship, but this other thing seems worth pursuing. Maybe it just needs time. Maybe, you know, she could wait for me." And so we kind of just stayed friends. And we didn't have classes with each other the next semester, um, or even the one after that when I came back as a sophomore. And you know, we were already out of the relationship, me and my ex-boyfriend. And so we really didn't see each other that much and that was fine. But by the time we did start seeing each other again, you know, it was kind of like that spark was immediately back. But then she was in a relationship. You know, she had a boyfriend at the time. So it was funny. And then she had that same boyfriend until they -- until she graduated--until we both graduated, because we're the same year. We had so much in common, and we really got along, and there was that spark, you know, you feel that spark with some people sometimes. And um, so I always joke that she's the one that got away, because it was always like, the right person, wrong time. And like even now, she's married to this woman who looks a lot like me. And even like, half Mexican, like -- And uh, I, I joke all the time, like, you know, I, I was the one who got away for her, too. But it's funny. I wonder where life would have taken us if maybe we were -- we did get together at one point. 

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“it’s, I think, the first bridal shower I’ve been to where I actually really don’t know the bride”

So I just got back from a, uh, bridal shower and it's I think the first bridal shower I've been to where I actually really don't know the bride, like at all, not really. And so the second that I even walked in she like, you know, she said my name, acknowledged my existence, and then she just said, “[name] is over there." And so the person hosting the party and organizing it, her new mother-in-law, that's who I know better and hang out with and are friends with so -- But I, I wouldn't mind getting to know the bride more, you know. Like, and I assume that as long as I live here and as long as I'm friends with her mother-in-law and like -- I really like her son, um, the um, like the bride's son. They already had a kid together. They're -- they're just kind of making it right, you know, by getting married and everything -- making it official -- officially a family and everything like that, so, um. Anyway, so I mean, I gave her a hug and I was just like, "Oh, yeah, like, you know I’m at you're bridal shower.” But we both kind of knew, we're like, eh, we don't -- we like don't know each other that well, but you know, I definitely went around and tried to get to know her family my friend’s family and stuff. So all of her, you know aunts and uncles and grandmas and stuff like that -- I guess it was, it was just women so just aunts and grandmas. So it was really nice and fun. I mean, it was pretty like --I think as fun as it could be with half the room not knowing each other, you know, um which I guess this is a much more stark divide. Once I got a chance to kind of get to know everybody and know the layout of the room, I realized, "Oh, wow," like there was -- the room naturally divided into two areas that you could sit two -- you know, the dining room area and then the kitchen area -- or the um, uh living room area. So, open concept but still there's two, you know circles of sitting and I very quickly realize that all of the people in one circle, like all was the bride's side…

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