Anuya Shetty

“Did you prank anyone for April fools this year or have you done so in the past?”

Yesterday was one of my friends birthday and coincidentally her birthday is on April fools day, didn’t get to prank her but it reminded me of this time where I pranked my cousin. So my friend from Canada came over to my cousin’s house and we were also there and for April fools we took some green toothpaste and we put it inside like a plastic bag and like smushed it up. So it looked kind of like, I don’t know like cream, like a sweet cream that you eat and we went to him and we were like, “hey, look we made this like frosting kind of thing. And we dyed it green you should try it, it’s really good.” I don’t understand how he believed that but he did. And he was so mad after he ate it cuz it was like the spicy kind of toothpaste. And he chased us around the whole house. Yeah, that wasn’t pretty but his dad got me back. He was like — he boiled like eggs and one of them was raw and it was supposed to be for my mom, the prank, but he did it on me instead. And I like you know, how when you break an egg, you have to like crack the shell, so I did that and the egg got all over my hands and everything. And so now whenever my uncle tells me to peel an egg when he’s cooking I get like suspicious of him cuz I don’t trust the eggs anymore.

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