Alexis Furkioti

“A new proud hobby that I picked up in quarantine was yoga.”

A new proud hobby that I picked up in quarantine was yoga, as soon as we had the lock down my roommates immediately went home and I decided to stay alone in my apartment because I thought it would be a great opportunity to take some time to myself to work on some goals and do some self-reflection. And over the many weeks of being alone, I was running out of things to do.

So I felt that Covid in a way granted me the time to better my physical and mental health and I decided to make yoga part of my everyday routine. I started doing full body yoga flows and then gradually got into doing yoga flows with targeted muscle groups. And sometimes I just did meditation.

This was probably the best thing I could have done for myself because it gives me a daily dose of relaxation while also strengthening my body and my confidence. Even now, although we aren’t totally locked down I still do yoga pretty regularly and it’s now a very beneficial part of my life.

headshot of a young woman with curly, long hair posing next to a tree