Drake Howard

“So that is what I like to call the saga of the missing wallet.”

One day I met up with a friend at a dining hall to eat lunch, and then we both got picked up by my mom to visit my house. The friend that I was eating lunch with she’s really into horticulture and plants and stuff and my mom is a certified Master Gardener. So I thought that they would really like to meet each other. So yeah. That all went great. My friend mentions how she hasn’t been using her combos, basically the predetermined snack thing you can buy from certain stores on campus. So I was like “Mom, how about you drop us off at 1855 Sparty’s?” which is canonically the best one, it has so many options. So she drops us off. And I pick out my combo. I’ve got a nice stack of Oreos. I’ve got a little fizzy drink that’s peach flavored. I, I have a veggie wrap. I was so excited so I get in line, I — the person at the checkout asks me to scan my card, I reach into my pocket and… is not there. Like fully has disappeared. So, did not enjoy that. I had to return all of those items. I never got my Oreos. Very sad. And so I tried to call my mom. I text her “Hey, do you know where my wallet is?” She could not find it. So that was so fun. And then she reminds me that I have an appointment at 3 o’clock. The appointment went well. And then after, I — I’d realized during the appointment that I might have left it at the dining hall. So I walk back to the dining hall and I ask the front desk “Hey, did you see a wallet?” And they were like “Yeah! We have that.” and finally I got my wallet. So that is what I like to call the saga of the missing wallet.