Roles for MSU Students

Hourly paid positions.

We generally offer to pay students after they’ve already been with MI Diaries for a while as volunteers or interns, and if their skills are especially needed. The range is $10-16/hour, paid bi-weekly or monthly, depending on the specific job and your level of experience. However, we also conduct open searches for student hires via MSU’s Handshake and Connect platforms. If we have current openings, you’ll find them here. Paid positions vary in commitment from 1 semester to multiple semesters. Hours per week also vary depending on the role, with 3-5 hours being most typical. Note that if you are an international student on an F1 visa, you cannot work more than 20 hours per week during the fall and spring semesters. Questions? Contact Dr. Betsy Sneller, project lead, at

Unpaid internships.

Are you looking for some professional experience on a time-limited basis? MI Diaries has successfully mentored students for 1-3 month internships in website design/user experience, community engagement, app development, and social media management, and we are open to more! We advertise internships on Handshake and MSU Connect, and you can also find them here. Interns are assigned a faculty mentor with whom they meet regularly, and they receive peer mentorship from members of our supportive student team. All internships are documented following current MSU policies. Content that you generate can be added to your professional portfolio. Questions? Contact Dr. Betsy Sneller, project lead, at

For-credit internships.

We are open to supporting students who want to earn course credit in fall, spring or summer, in return for giving their time and talent to MI Diaries. This is an especially good option if your major requires or strongly encourages an internship (e.g. Communication), or if you need to fulfill an experiential learning requirement (e.g. College of Arts and Letters). We advertise internships whenever we have a need for specific expertise via Handshake or MSU Connect, and internships are nearly always available for credit. You can find them here. You might need to enroll in a special course code. Procedures vary across majors and colleges, so talk to your academic advisor about what to do, and whether a for-credit internship is right for you. Questions? Contact Dr. Betsy Sneller, project lead, at


We are always open to volunteers, for as little as one hour per week! Read more about how you can get involved.