Caroline Zackerman

“I’m feeling really grateful for my cat.”

It’s the Friday after Thanksgiving, and thinking about the classic Thanksgiving question — what I’m grateful for? And this week, I’m feeling really very grateful for my cat. I do not live at home right now, but I am home for Thanksgiving break, home from college, and I got to see my cat again after being away from her for three months. Her name is Lucy, and this cat is my best friend. Last year, when I was a freshman in college, I was not able to go to college. I had to stay at home for the fall semester, so I spent a lot of time alone in my room. Most of my friends were at college. I didn’t really have a lot going on around here. I worked sometimes, but I mainly just sat in my room, did my online classes, did my homework, and my cat absolutely loves my room and spends all of her time in here. So, during that fall semester, me and my cat got very close. She was kind of my classmate. I would sit in my Zooms and she would sit on my lap the entire time, and I moved from my bed to my chair to my desk and she just, she’d follow me back and forth. And being at school now and being away from my cat is kind of the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. I miss her all the time and so being back home and getting to have — you know, it’s only about four days, but getting to have those four days with her is super exciting. She is sitting on my lap, and I’m petting her now as I record this and I think just being away from all of my pets in general, I forget how nice it is to have a pet. I think they really improve my mood and she really makes me — just brightens my day as she’s fighting me right now. She’s a little cranky, but when she’s not fighting me like this. It’s just so awesome to have a cat around like this. She’s the best thing in the world.