Yongqing Ye

“What is your favorite tree?”

There are these six large palm trees right in front of the house my partner and I live in. We moved to this small Victorian house in Florida during the pandemic. And after about two month — about two month after we moved in, we noticed there was this squirrel family living up the palm trees. About one to two hours before the sunset every day they would come out and play. And one day we heard this “pa” sound right next to our garage, and something fell off the tree. When we approached, we saw it was a baby squirrel. It was tiny. We thought it was a hurt, but, no. It actually approached us and was sniffing our shoes and jumping around cheerfully, then it raced up the tree. And now we’ve been watching this family of squirrels for months and we want to make a YouTube channel named, “Life of a squirrel family.” And I love these palm trees because they’re huge and they’re providing the shelter for this lovely squirrel family, and I can’t remember how many afternoons during the lockdown I just sit around the back porch watching them play. That was my story about my favorite tree.

portrait of a woman smiling at the camera, she is wearing a jacked and standing in front of a cliff-like terrain