Kierstin Alston

“I have twenty-four nutcrackers…”

I have twenty-four nutcrackers, I have three nutcrackers that are non seasonal, meaning I can have them all out all year long, but then I have — the rest of my nutcrackers which are very much so Christmas, related. I’ve a nutcracker that goes up to my shoulder blade. What nutcracker is this? That’s a Christmas nutcracker, my ultimate favorite nutcracker. I have twenty-one nutcrackers and that’s a lot, and I collect them. And my aunt, she doesn’t like them. She’ll come up every year on Christmas, be like, those nutcrackers are terrifying. I’m just always like, yeah, but I like them and I have a lot of them. We get them, me and my grandmother, we get them every time after Christmas cuz that’s when everything Christmas related goes on sale, and we get a lot of nutcracker.

I just have — I have one nutcracker in my room that’s a doctor, another nutcracker it’s like a lady and she has like a shopping bag. And then I have another nutcracker and I’m pretty sure it’s Christmas related but I refused to admit is Christmas related because it’s a guy who’s holding like a small little tree in his hand, but I refuse to believe it’s Christmas related.

I just like to say he’s Michigan, because you know, there’s so many people in Michigan carrying around trees, that’s a Christmas-related nutcracker. I’m not taking it down.

headshot of a smiling teen with long hair and a puffy, off the shoulder top