“We’re all trying to do our best to respond to it.”

I guess I would describe our current situation as one. Number one, there's a very serious medical thing that's happening and we're all trying to do our best to respond to it. I guess we're all is a not not necessarily the truth. People — a lot of people are coming up with these big things to do because it's very serious, we have to respond to it somehow. But because of maybe because of the way that the internet feeds all the information to us kind of on equal terms, there's this idea that even though the medical field is coming forward and saying “Wow, is this serious. And yeah, we definitely have to respond. And here's the here's the best way to respond,” at the same time, kind of regular people that I know have come forward or whatever have have said: “Well, I'm not sure that's really the case” or “How can we really be sure that that's helping?”  And I guess to me I think well, I suppose we can't be sure but I'm not sure that that's a reason to ignore what's being said or to say I certainly would not be somebody who would say oh, this is like a conspiracy or I'm doubting whether this is really necessary what the government is doing. I think the government is trying their best. Generally, the shutdown is a response to things. It may be imperfect there. Maybe have been moments where people said “This is helpful or not helpful” and then they had to come back and say, “you know that wasn't really accurate what we said, it is helpful where it's not helpful, even though we kind of set the opposite before.” But I'm I just don't have it in me. I don't have the type of personality that that spends a lot of time wondering whether the general message that I'm receiving is really accurate.

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“This pandemic is affecting how I view people’s actions in TV shows”

I was watching a TV show the other day and there was a woman, the main character. She was in an arcade trying to get this specific toy for her child. She thought her daughter would really like this specific pink plushie toy, so the scene is her trying to get this toy. And the camera pans to her peering into the glass looking all excited, concentrating, and then shows her hand touching the handle or the joystick or whatever — the stick you use to move the machine around. And my immediate thought was “oh she shouldn't touch that, it hasn’t been disinfected” and I realized that and I paused and it just struck me how this pandemic is affecting how I view people's actions in TV shows, like how crazy is it that my first thought is, “Wow this character, who doesn't exist, who lived in the world before this pandemic ever happened, should be focused on disinfecting this handle before she plays this game.”  So just a strange thing that happened.

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