“I’m very grateful to be employed because I know a lot of people are not.”

Looking back, I think the moment I realized that this — the COVID situation was going to be a big deal was going to spring break people were talking about it and it was finally starting to hit the US and it was kind of: okay, this might be a big deal, but you know, we don't really know yet. And then while I was still on spring break all of our classes got canceled, so I actually I came home for break so I didn't really bring a lot of my stuff I guess because I was I was fully planning on moving back up north to Houghton. Then while I was still on break, the whole world went crazy and all classes got canceled. And everyone was kind of wondering like, “okay, what do we do now?”  So you have for me that was probably the moment where I realized it was going to be a big deal. I knew it was a big deal like in other parts of the world beforehand. Because I've been following what was going on in China, but like that way when  classes got canceled that was kind of like, okay, this is — this is pretty significant. And as far as how things are going right now, I actually got I got a job. I got an internship earlier this month, which I'm very happy for, because I know a lot of people are unemployed. It's it's actually an internship with the construction company. So I'm now technically classified as like an essential worker. Because I work at a construction site now, which it's a pretty rough job, pretty new experience, but I'm very grateful but to be employed cuz I know a lot of people are not.

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“Everything is happening at once at it’s explosive.”

This week has been particularly difficult because of what's happened in the news. It's like multiple stories in the news of  horrific horrific violence and brutality against Black people in our country and this headline of George Floyd and I couldn't bring myself to watch more than like a little bit of the video with the  police officer with his knee on his neck suffocating him and murdering him. This is all with other examples in just the last weeks with Breonna Taylor as well, and Ahmaud Arbery and as somebody who is white, you know, there's a lot of weight and responsibility. So, you know knowing that there's a lot to be done and where to begin and I have resources so I know how to take actions. I'm somebody who's  dedicated to this. At my current school I serve on a committee that's trying to do anti-racist work. Anyways, I'm just thinking about everybody in my life who is Black American, a person of color. So it feels like obviously we've been here before with so many other cases before but this feels different because of the fact that this is happening in this pandemic. I think is. One, It's like ‘Here we go again.’ This is so awful, it was so egregious, the ten minutes of a knee on a neck. But I think there's something else that's going on here, which is the Black community has also been so hard hit by COVID-19. Obviously in Detroit we've seen how that has played out. And  so it's already a time of extreme mourning and loss in that community and a time when you don't really get to mourn the loss collectively in the way that we traditionally do because it's a risk to  other people's Health to gather for funerals and Memorial services on top of that the number of people who have filed for unemployment and are waiting on checks to arrive from the government and so much economic despair. It's like everything is happening at once and it's explosive.

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