Adam Barnhardt

“… it was basically a modified hide and seek.” Do you have any scars from doing an outdoor activity, like hiking or mountain biking? What happened?” Um, well I have one from, like – from my childhood. Um, I wasn’t doing anything cool like hiking or mountain biking, I was in middle school. And at my school, we would take these trips every fall, we would go to this camp out in, like, rural North Carolina and stay there for, like, half a week. They were always really fun, but we would play this game, usually every night, where we would – it was basically like a modified hide-and-go-seek, where the kids would hide, and we would try to reach a base, and the teachers would, uh, try to catch us, basically. And I remember, I was trying to get to the base, and I could see the base, but it was about, like, hundred, two hundred feet away or something. And I thought to myself, “The best way to get there would be to cut through this, like, concrete soccer field type of thing. It was, like, a small soccer field that was concrete, not grass. So I thought I was gonna do that. So, I started running just as fast as I could, trying to get through this, um – trying to get through this soccer field. And, it was really dark that night, they had, like, minimal lighting and I couldn’t really see where I was going. And I didn’t realize that there was, like, this wooden goalpost that was right at the level where my head was going to be as I ran through the soccer field. I didn’t see it until, like, probably one fourth of a second before I slammed into it and just, like, busted my head on this wooden board. And I flew into the soccer field. And, uh, yeah. It wasn’t great. It was not a pretty picture. So I feel really bad for the teacher who I eventually ran up to, screaming, and clutching my head, my forehead. Because I’m sure that – I’m sure that was somewhat scarring for that teacher, but, yeah. I, uh – they had to call an ambulance and take me to the hospital. My parents were really worried, they had to drive the hour-and-a-half over there to the hospital to see me. And they…

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Dr. Suzanne Wagner

“So I think that that is one of the many ways in which this pandemic period has changed the way I think about my surroundings.” Question is, are you more comfortable being surrounded by buildings or surrounded by trees? If I had answered this question a year or two ago, I would definitely have said I’m more comfortable surrounded by buildings. I’ve always thought of myself as an urban person. I grew up in South East England, I’m used to houses being really close together, joined together,in fact. I’m used to streets being crowded and I love cities. I love exploring cities and I love knowing how cities work and I love getting into all the little neighborhoods and all the corner stores and all the different cultures that particular neighborhood in cities have. Just, in general, I think I’m urban in orientation. But, over the last year, I have been forced to go outside more. There were periods during the lockdowns where there was nothing else to do except go out for a walk and that’s what our family did regularly, we got up in the morning and walked around our neighborhood and then on the weekends we would find some place to go in a park or in a forest and we would go on much longer walks. And we’ve been doing that so often that I’ve come to really love it and and value it to the extent that it feels strange sometimes now to be in a building, I really like being outdoors. And I definitely wouldn’t have said that about myself a couple of years ago. So, I think that that is one of the many ways in which this pandemic period has changed the way I think about my surroundings.

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Dr. Betsy Sneller

"This is actually the third time I've been in the secretary of state's office during the pandemic." I just got back from the Secretary of State, my husband and I moved back to Michigan in November. So it was time to get our plates changed and our licenses updated and I — just as a very short story here and absolutely blown away by Michigan’s Secretary of State. This is actually the third time that I’ve been to a Secretary of State office during the pandemic. The first was in June, in Massachusetts when my license had expired and we weren’t sure yet when we were going to move to Michigan. So, it was — I had to go to the Secretary of State and in Massachusetts to the RMV and get my license and my license plate updated. And there were no appointments. The closest appointment was like 3 weeks out, 2 and a 1/2 hour drive away in Cape Cod. So I went, I took half a day off of work to drive to the DMV and the line that I had to wait in, even though I had an appointment, it was like an hour and half line outside the building, to get into the building was an hour and half line. And as it turned out there was a form that I needed but didn’t have printed off because it’s a pandemic and we don’t have a printer and we weren’t able to make it to FedEx or whatever to print off the form. So it was essentially a wasted half day that I drove 2 and 1/2 hours each direction. Came back a week later and it was the same deal. I had to wait in line. In fact the line the second time that I went to the RMV in Massachusetts was so long that they had two security guards outside to direct people into the line. Like there was a line, to get into the line, to get into the building. And today, I had an appointment at Michigan DMV for 3:30 appointment. I showed up and I was really expecting it to last until 6 p.m. at the earliest. But it is now it was 4:02 when I left the DMV. I got out with our plates updated, registration and my license all done. It was the smoothest operating DMV I literally…

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Calvert Bates

“… if I'm with friends, I guess I'm an odd person.” So am I an odd or an even person? Well, I guess… Well first, you gotta figure out what odd and even means. I guess, you know, odd means like crazy or different or I don't know. Even seems more like straight, you know. You can imagine like even is like a guy in a business suit going to work and odd is like… I don't know, like a guy in a clown suit going to work. So I guess I don't know. I guess I'm in between. You know, I like to have fun, everyone likes to have fun, but I guess I don't go out and do things. You know, I'm not really loud in class and not even like obnoxiously loud. I don't really talk, make much noise at all. And I don't - I dunno. If I had to choose between like wearing a clown outfit or a business suit. I guess it really just depends on the day, you know? If I'm with like friends or… I guess yeah, if I'm with friends, I guess I'm an odd person. But when I'm, I guess, in a more serious setting. I don't really try to be an odd person, I guess I'm more of an even person. I guess if that makes sense. It's kind of a strange thing, especially because it's not a term that you normally describe someone as an 'even person'.

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Newt Kelbley

“In the past four years, that's what everyone has been introduced to me with which I think is really cool.” I like the idea of like creating who you are over time and like cultivating that so that people can see the most accurate version of you. Like, for example, I was given a super… A name that did not belong to the ethnic group I was born into which is a little strange, but it's never something I really identified with because of this. Also for other reasons like gender expression and not wanting to be like uber feminine all the time. But what happened with this in part of my like creating an identity thing was my friend and I read a book like maybe in seventh grade. I'm not sure. And it was all about these people who were subverting gender norms and like the main character had this whole like lizard-related trope and like they kept getting called different kinda like lizard names and that was like something they found empowering because it was inhuman and strange and fun. And so my friend and I who really liked this book and identified with it because it's like really relatable to us, we were like trying to struggle and figure out who we were outside of expectations and stuff. So we each gave each other like a little lizard nickname thing from the book and that's how we would like write letters to each other with these fun names, to better represent what we felt like, and now that's like the name that appears on my records and stuff. Not the one I was born with. Like, I don't have a lizard name as my legal name, but it is like… In the past like four years, that's what everyone has been introduced to me with which I think is really cool.

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Emma Dayton

" Operation safe kitty, success” So it’s the summer of 2019 and my friend and I wanted to visit one of the parks in town that we’ve never been before. It was a lot of fun, we spent the whole day there. And then right as we’re about to get into our car, something, like, fuzzy brushed, like, by my ankle and I freaked out. And my friend was already in the car about to drive. I was like, “Wait.” I looked underneath the car and it was the most beautiful cat I’ve ever seen. Well, it was a kitten. It had bright blue eyes and it was different colors of black and gray and white. And we’re like, “We can’t just leave this cute cat in this park defenseless.” So we walked around — the park was just about to close — asking people, like, “Hey, have you lost a cat?” looking for the cat mom. And we concluded that this poor kitty was just abandoned. So we took it in with us and even though this cat was adorable — I cannot emphasize that enough — it was aggressive, a little feisty one. And we took it back to my friend’s house because I’m a dog family and that couldn’t mix, and she is a cat family. So it was perfect. So they had cat food and water, we put this kitten in a kiddie pool, fed him or her, and it was a lot of fun. It, like, obviously hadn’t eaten in a while. But as I mentioned before, it was a feisty one. After it got the food and water, it popped the kiddie pool in efforts to escape and it was very successful in that. It ran into the woods area by my friend’s house and we spent another half an hour trying to find this little one. After a while we got the kitty back and we put the cat back in our car and we called every shelter in town and no shelters were accepting cats at that moment. We contacted all our friends and eventually somebody picked up and was just like, “Hey, my past teacher so-and-so accepts cats.” And I’m like, “Oh, Mr. Blank?” I won’t say any names. But they’re like, “Yeah!” So we got to drive to one of my favorite teachers’ house, drop off the cutest kitty, and…

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