“My grandmother told me stories and it was just a very, like, carefree time.”

“Tell us about a really nice cozy rainy day. What did you do during that day?” So, I remember when I was in third grade, I was in India for my uncle's wedding and my whole family had gone out to, like, my uncle's wife's or like bride’s home to, like, have dinner and stuff, but I had fallen asleep. And so my grandmother stayed home with me, and when I woke up, I really wanted to, like, go outside, but it was raining. And so we stayed at home and we made Indian sweets with, like, our hands. And it was, you know, like now that my grandmother has passed away, it seems, like -- it seems like just a memory or like a dream. It doesn't really seem real. But I remember we just -- we made the sweets. We played around, it was a good time. You know, we talked. My grandmother told me stories and it was just a very, like, carefree time, I guess.

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“The garden is tilled, ready for plants to get planted.”

We planned to have a garden. It's a small space. We've had a garden in this space before, but it really needs to be fully tilled and turned over every year before planting. And we just have a tiny, little battery-operated rototiller for getting weeds. Not really to till a garden and so my husband was like, “Well, I've been looking for -- doing searches for people who till gardens and we can rent one but that's a hassle. You have to go get it and it’s expensive. And it takes time. And, you know, I just wish we knew somebody,” and I was kinda racking my brain, trying to think of anyone and hadn't come up with any names, either. And he was outside yesterday, getting the boat ready, actually, and he was in the yard and he hears a little tractor driving down the road in front of our house and looks up and sees it happens to have a little garden tiller on it. And so he ran kind of out toward the end of the driveway and sort of flagged the guy down. And the guy already been by the house, but he saw him and backed up, came and turned in the driveway and my husband asked him, “You know, hey, you got a tiller on that tractor. Would you be able to till my garden?” And he said, “Well, I'm actually just headed into our little town and gotta do a garden in there, but I'll probably be coming back this way in about an hour. If you wanna,” you know, he says, “maybe I'll be able to do it then.” And was asking how big it was and all that and sure enough, about an hour later, the guy came back and our little garden, it took him like four passes back and forth and it's all tilled up and ready to go. And my husband says, “Well, how much do we owe you?” And he said, “Twenty bucks’ll be great.” ‘Cause, like, he was already driving by our house to go do somebody else's garden, so it was just a little extra for him too. And we actually ended up giving him a dozen eggs from our chickens and a half gallon of maple syrup from our trees, which is probably the most valuable thing out of the whole transaction, but it…

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