“I really want to explore the universe, actually.”

"Is there somewhere you want to explore or something you want to discover?" Something I want to discover. Oh, I really want to explore the universe, actually. It's really big. There are so many like solar systems in it and I dunno, I'd just love to go through it and like see what's there, you know? See if there's like any other life or something, or is there anything really. You know, like what do other solar systems look like up close? And like what does it look like on the surface of that planet or star or whatever. Okay, maybe not stars, but like planet, if there are any planets out there, what is it like on the surface? So like Earth, like is there something like Earth? And I'm pretty sure there is ‘cause the chances of another Earth - are small. Very very very small, and there probably isn't like an exact Earth, but probably like something like Earth. And I'm talking really fast, I need to calm down. But yeah, and there's like a chance of something like Earth, and I would really love to explore that and like see what the differences are.

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“People have such an influence on your life. You don’t even know it.”

It's crazy how much of an influence like we have on other people's lives, and like, we don't even know it. Like, we remember so many people and so much of, like, other people that have been in our lives. Like for me, all my teachers, I remember every single one of them. Like, what their class was like, because, like, they had such a big impact on me. So like it's really kind of sad honestly, like when you move up a grade level or like graduate from anything, the fact that those people will pretty much be out of your life, but the impact they had on you will stay. Like even if you know someone for only a little amount of time, they still have, like, a great impact on my life. Like, my speech teacher in - I think, like, second grade who was only there for, like, a few months. She wasn't even there for the whole school year. Like I still remember her, like, what it was like and whatnot. It's just, and like, my physical therapist who I only saw for - November, December, January, February - I only saw her for four months, but, like, I'm kinda sad but happy at the same time that I graduated physical therapy because, like, I liked seeing her twice a week, like, I got to know her as a person. Just like, she was Muslim. So I was, like, learning things about like her religion and stuff. It's, like, she was talking about Ramadan one day, and, like, it's just stuff like that, like, people have such an influence on your life. You don't even know it.

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“What I want to be when I grow up involves a lot of physics.”

"When's a time when you were proud of yourself for achieving a personal goal?" Well, what I want to be when grow up involves physics, a lot of physics, but I'm not very good at physics. Like I understand it, but when it comes to tests, it kinda goes down the drain. So yeah, but anyway about a week or two ago, we got our most recent physics tests back and we saw our score for the first time. And I got a hundred percent which I was really proud of, so. It was like my first one hundred percent. So yeah, I dunno, I was really happy about that. And it was kind of a hard test too, so it was good.

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“It reminds me that I can chill out a little bit.”

"When you're upset, what is something that brings you comfort? Is there a particular food or TV show that is comforting to you?"  Like, I - for me, it's always kind of ice cream. I really, really like ice cream. Which is kind of like - even if it's winter, I will have ice cream as my comfort food. It's just kind of what takes away all the stress. It reminds me that I can chill out a little bit. I don't have to be this stressed out. I'll get through it. There's nothing that I haven't been able to push forward through in the past. So this is going to be fine. It's gonna be chill. And, like, who cares if I don't move on to the National Spelling Bee? Like, I'm one step away from that. Who cares? Like, I've studied hard up to this point. I have another month of studying to go. Who cares if I don't make MAGS when I swim? Which is the state competition. Like, I'm not even going, I'm going to Hawai'i. Who cares if I get an A minus on my robotics thing? I still have an A in that class. Who cares if, like, social studies is a little bit stressful? I can study hard. These are all real scenarios that I'm stressing out over right now. And right now, I'm kinda telling myself, "This is what you have to do." Even without the ice cream. So, I mean, comfort food works, but you can also kinda mentally prepare yourself for things, too. As far as a TV show goes, it used to be Survivor, but now it's not really, like, a TV show, it's more so playing on my phone or playing Fortnite or FIFA or Battlefront, just - or there's another Xbox game we have called Gang Beasts. Like, any one of those things and I'll be a-okay.

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“Monday isn’t really the worst day. I think Tuesday is probably the worst day.”

So what would make Tuesdays better? If they were Friday. Like, if you had two days of school, Monday and Tuesday, right? Tuesday is like a Friday. That's what will make Tuesdays better. Like, here's the thing. Here's my analogy for all of the days of the week. So Monday you feel blegh like, “Why do I have to go to school?" For like, for kids who have to go to school, you know. “Why do I have to go to school"? And then Tuesday it's like “Ugh, I have no hope, I've already dealt with Monday, but I still have three more days to go,” 'cause Monday you're still kinda - you just got past the weekend, you might have exciting stuff to share. It might - they might ease you in a little bit. Tuesday’s where a lot of the tests happen and where like a lot of things go wrong. Wednesday is kinda like, eh, right? Because you have like a lot to go, and you've already done a lot. So you're kinda worn out, but you still have a lot to go. Thursday you can kinda see the end, but you're still a little bit worn out, and then Friday you just like forget about being worn out and you're like, “It's Friday, let's go. I have this to do on the weekend,” and then when Monday comes, you can talk about it. So Monday isn't really the worst day. I think Tuesday is probably the worst day, but what would make it better? If Tuesday was Friday.

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“I’m so proud of myself because I advocated for myself…”

I'm really proud of myself today. I advocated for myself, and without my parents, physically, my mom even there. I had a doctor's appointment. And I went alone, which was huge because I like never do that. And I'm so proud of myself because I advocated for myself too. I needed a certain blood test, just because like I've been feeling tired and stuff, so I wanted like my thyroid and iron levels checked. And it's huge because I asked for it, like I'm always afraid to do that, like I don't really ask for what I need. I just kinda like hope the doctor will order it, like, without me asking. So that was so huge for me, that I actually said, “Can you please order X test for Y reason?” Feel like that's one of my huge steps towards like becoming an adult. Because, like, I have a job, I have my license, I've been going to quite a few doctors appointments alone, which is huge, like, I've called and made them, too, you know, scary. But yeah, I advocated for myself, which is a big thing because I always don't want to inconvenience people. So I just like kinda don't bother them about it. But I knew what I needed for my health. And I asked for it and it was easy. She ended up ordering the test and some other tests, too. I just need to speak up for myself and advocate. Because that's how you make it in the real world.

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“… what motivates me to work hard is probably a team record for swim team.”

"What motivates you to work hard? Is there anything you've worked really hard on? One of our team members would try to do good in school because their parents gave her money for good grades." I've always wanted money for good grades. But then my parents would have to pay a bunch of money. Yeah, I probably won't brag like that. That was super rude. I'll never brag like that again. Okay, what motivates me to work hard is probably a team record for swim team. I moved to like a bigger club team, that's like, you know, more extreme, more like intense. Like, it's like all of a sudden swimming went from like something fun to do to, like, "I love this," like, "This is something I have to work really really hard on." So I got like a ton of team records for my old team because it was like a small team, small town, but this year and last year - so last year, I actually was .24 seconds off of a record that I worked very, very hard at all year long. So this year, I'm hoping to get to my new age group record. I have a little bit of work to do, but I have next year to do it too. So I'm working really, really hard and hoping to get there. So that's what motivates me to work hard. Just - And the feeling afterward of just like accomplishment, but also a team record.

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“I had gone horseback riding.”

"Has there ever been a time you were able to stay calm in a high stress situation? What happened? And how did you respond? One of our team members had their car spin out on black ice, but they avoided an accident because they stayed calm and didn't try to overcorrect the car." I don't know. I am not a very good, like, stay calm under a lot of stress person. I'm trying to think of a time maybe. My examples would not be good because I don't really stay calm in high stress situations, at all. I have emotional breakdowns, and so this is not a good question for me to answer. One thing that maybe could come up is when I was in girl scouts. I was in fourth or fifth grade. I don't - I think it was in the summer in between fourth and fifth grade. And I had gone horseback riding, in my past. But I was very, very afraid of horses. I don't remember why I was afraid of horses, but I was really, really afraid. Oh, yeah, 'cause I had actually witnessed somebody get bucked off a horse. And so I was like really, really scared. And so I told my group leader, "Can I please have the best horse? Like, if you can. I'm extremely afraid of horses. I haven't been on one since I witnessed somebody get bucked off like, you know, blah blah blah blah." And she was like "Okay!" And then she never got me the best horse. In fact, I got the worst horse, and so they were like, "Oh, nothing has ever gone wrong. All horses are good horses." And guess what happened? About, let's say, a tenth of a mile into our like three or four mile ride, my horse, instead of going and following all the other horses and going in like a path into the woods, veers right and goes into like onto a weird trail, and it starts galloping. And I am not kidding, it started to gallop. And it went into like super high grass and it started jumping up, trying to buck me off. And I was holding on with all my might, and then soon, my best friend's horse followed, and her horse ran to like the top of a hill, and I was like - my horse was still…

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“I don’t think teenagers should be able to vote.”

I don't think teenagers should be able to vote, 'cause they say the brain isn't fully developed until 27, but people are voting at 18. And if teens could be able to vote, I feel like their decision would be swayed by their parents. You know, what they decide. Or by, like, what their friends are doing, it won't be because this is what they want to do. So that's definitely why they shouldn't be able to vote, and because I consider myself a teenager and I don't pay any attention to politics. Like, that's a big stress that I don't have to add to my life right now. I already have enough going on. The only thing I need to work on right now is school. I don't have to pay attention to politics, I can leave that to my parents. You know, that's like an adult thing to do, so I think by not voting it's, you know, something that teenagers don't have to stress about.

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“My final answer is definitely two extra arms.”

"Would you rather have a third eye or two extra arms?" These are kind of cool because, either way, you look like a Hindu god. You know, third eye, two extra arms. Wow. Third eye I'm guessing it's like in a physical sense rather than like the spiritual awakening, like if that was what it meant by third eye then I would choose that for sure, like I would know all the knowledge of the universe. I would get into Harvard man. So, yeah, third eye is pretty sweet. But like in real life... Thing is, I have glasses. What kind of glasses am I gonna wear if I have a third eye, man? Contacts in the one little one that's alone? Additionally, do they make clothes for four-armed people? I don't think so. So, it might be a lot less convenient to have two extra arms. Though, it could be helpful. Third eye though, a lot of people look at your face and they see a third eye, they're just gonna think you're a creep. And I feel like there's - there might be less benefits to a third eye. Because like with two extra arms, you can hold stuff more, you can hug yourself and make yourself warm while doing something outside in the cold, you know? You could paint and write at the same time. Whoa. You can type stuff and do homework. Amazing. Like I would just be writing my math homework with my normal right hand, use my second right hand to like type my history homework. Well, I don't think I can multi-task like that actually because I don't have two brains, I just have two - or an extra pair of arms, you know? So mmm, I feel like I'd say - Oh, I don't know, maybe two extra arms because it's more muscle in your body, therefore you need more energy, but I'm probably gonna be eating the same amount of food. So would that make me like distribute my fat more and become leaner? Cause then imagine like the bodybuilding competitions you can go to and then you're just flexing four arms. That'd look so cool. But then you don't have any clothes because who the heck makes clothes for four-armed people? I am thinking too deep into this. But yeah, my final answer is definitely two extra arms. It would be…

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