“I don’t think teenagers should be able to vote.”

I don't think teenagers should be able to vote, 'cause they say the brain isn't fully developed until 27, but people are voting at 18. And if teens could be able to vote, I feel like their decision would be swayed by their parents. You know, what they decide. Or by, like, what their friends are doing, it won't be because this is what they want to do. So that's definitely why they shouldn't be able to vote, and because I consider myself a teenager and I don't pay any attention to politics. Like, that's a big stress that I don't have to add to my life right now. I already have enough going on. The only thing I need to work on right now is school. I don't have to pay attention to politics, I can leave that to my parents. You know, that's like an adult thing to do, so I think by not voting it's, you know, something that teenagers don't have to stress about.

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“My final answer is definitely two extra arms.”

"Would you rather have a third eye or two extra arms?" These are kind of cool because, either way, you look like a Hindu god. You know, third eye, two extra arms. Wow. Third eye I'm guessing it's like in a physical sense rather than like the spiritual awakening, like if that was what it meant by third eye then I would choose that for sure, like I would know all the knowledge of the universe. I would get into Harvard man. So, yeah, third eye is pretty sweet. But like in real life... Thing is, I have glasses. What kind of glasses am I gonna wear if I have a third eye, man? Contacts in the one little one that's alone? Additionally, do they make clothes for four-armed people? I don't think so. So, it might be a lot less convenient to have two extra arms. Though, it could be helpful. Third eye though, a lot of people look at your face and they see a third eye, they're just gonna think you're a creep. And I feel like there's - there might be less benefits to a third eye. Because like with two extra arms, you can hold stuff more, you can hug yourself and make yourself warm while doing something outside in the cold, you know? You could paint and write at the same time. Whoa. You can type stuff and do homework. Amazing. Like I would just be writing my math homework with my normal right hand, use my second right hand to like type my history homework. Well, I don't think I can multi-task like that actually because I don't have two brains, I just have two - or an extra pair of arms, you know? So mmm, I feel like I'd say - Oh, I don't know, maybe two extra arms because it's more muscle in your body, therefore you need more energy, but I'm probably gonna be eating the same amount of food. So would that make me like distribute my fat more and become leaner? Cause then imagine like the bodybuilding competitions you can go to and then you're just flexing four arms. That'd look so cool. But then you don't have any clothes because who the heck makes clothes for four-armed people? I am thinking too deep into this. But yeah, my final answer is definitely two extra arms. It would be…

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“My group wasn’t saying anything until a few days before it was due.”

Another funny little story, that isn't really not being prepared, but it was me almost actually doing too much, was one of the first presentations I had to do in American Literature this year, was regarding Born a Crime and we had to give a presentation about a couple specific chapters. And my group just wasn't saying anything until a few days before it was due. So then I just decided I'd do the whole thing because I was free and had the time to do that. So, I just went up and did the whole entire presentation, and then it wasn't too bad. We ended up getting a pretty good grade on it and I was happy, and they were happy, but the lesson learned in that was I don't have to do the whole entire presentation and I should just try to get my group members more involved.

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“And 30 minutes later, an hour later, it happened to me in basically the exact same spot.”

One of the - probably the best runner, he's running at Division One in college on our team. He was in first place and he collapsed right across the finish line and then he got up and he kept running and then he collapsed again, and they had to take him to the hospital and it was super scary and I told my friend, I said to him, "That would be terrible. I can't imagine if that happened to me!” And 30 minutes later, an hour later, it happened to me at basically the exact same spot. And I wasn't able to like move my arms the way I wanted them to. When I was trying to drink water, I like poured it over my head. I threw up, it was one of the - it was the scariest experience ever of my life. And I thought for sure I was never doing cross-country again. A year later, I found myself back in cross-country. I hated it for the first little bit, didn't want to do it. I don't even know why I ended up doing it. I just feel like I needed to stay athletic, and volleyball just can't do it.  Hand eye coordination sucks! Wanted something that I can kinda push myself mentally, and I don't think I could do that with volleyball. So I decided to do cross-country one more year. Midway through the season, I started realizing I was feeling so much stronger. I wasn't getting good times, like I haven't gotten really a single good time this year, but I've been feeling so much better. I've been sprinting the end. I haven't been feeling like I'm going to pass out, I’m going to die, I'm going to throw up. And that was a great feeling because that made me never wanna do it again, and so halfway through the season things started to change and I told myself, "You know what? Maybe high school cross-country is in the cards for you." And so I think I'm going to do high school cross country, and I'm actually pretty excited for it. Tomorrow is my last middle school cross-country practice ever. And I actually think that might make me cry. Holy crap, middle school went by so fast.

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“I once had a one in a million experience when I was nine years old.”

I once had a one in a million experience when I was nine years old. I was up north, in northern Michigan, and I entered this duck race. It was like $10, it was like on Fourth of July, and they would put all the ducks in this river and then the first duck to cross like the finish line that person would win a thousand dollars. I thought there was no way I would win. I thought it was just like a nice donation, but we were watching it, and then they announced the winner and it was me, and ever since then I love to just tell people that crazy story and just - I actually used some of the money to get my dog, so that's one-in-a-million experience and I can't imagine what it would be like if that didn't happen.

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“I would like make myself look like Santa out of bubbles…”

The most luxurious experience I've ever had, I'd probably - or I'd probably think like when I was younger, any like bubble bath I had in a hotel on vacation, like the - I just felt like luxury. I mean like going to Disney and taking a bath in one of the hotels, like - Well, it had to be a bubble bath, but taking one of those baths just felt not relaxing, but just like I felt free, 'cause like when I was younger I could do whatever I want, and I would like make myself look like Santa out of bubbles, and I just thought like I was at Disney taking a bubble bath. I mean, it felt like luxury.

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“I have probably been in many food comas.”

"Have you ever been in a food coma, and what was the occasion? And what did you eat too much of?" I have probably been in many food comas. I can't remember all of them. One time that really stuck out to me was the night before my freshman year of high school, and I was just hanging out with some friends and I tried one of those Bang energy drinks for the first time, and it gave me a lot of energy that's for sure, and then I ended up going home and we had pizza, but it was pizza with a ton of banana peppers on it, and pizza with a ton of banana peppers combined with a Bang energy drink earlier was not a good combo at all. Ten out of ten, would not recommend. And I ended up staying up until like two A.M. which was a very rough time for my first day of school the next day. That was very rough.

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“We beat the seniors in the art part.”

Oh, yeah, another fun thing that happened at my school. We have this thing called Olympics, which is basically like grades versus grades or a chance for seniors to like vent their stress and beat up other little children. I'm in the junior class. We got second place, you know, as expected. One thing that was pretty cool is that I was like the main - I was sort of like the leader, kind of, and it's kind of arrogant to say that, but it's in truth really a lot of people were asking me how they should paint something or how they should draw whatever, and so basically we had to design banners. And I'm - I'd say I'm like Fine Art. It's like I just started taking it this year as an official class, before it was more of a hobby. But, you know, I got to painting and it looked really cool, like our banner and stuff. Yeah. So I was happy with the design. There is some like little minor things that I wish I had a little more control over 'cause I didn't, like, like it that much. But it's a team activity. So it's not like I can get everything I want, especially since a lot of people were working on not just me, and it's not like we're all gonna like the same thing, you know? So I think that's really good for what we came up with, and we beat the seniors in the art part. So that's really funny.

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“I’ve been experimenting. This is celery Jello.”

Moving on to a different prompt. "Has someone ever made food for you that you didn't like but you ate anyway to be polite?" Oh so many occasions, so many times. My grandma on my dad's side at one point was really obsessed with Jello. So, all - let me just restart with this. My grandma on my mom's side and my whole mom's side of the family has like a cookbook they passed down from generations with all like the recipes that we've had and one of them is rainbow Jello, which is like a red Jello, a orange Jello, like they don't specifically have to be in a rainbow. But all this different kinds of jello stacked on top of each other and prepared, so that the Jello is like all different colors, which is fun and super cool. But then my grandma on my dad's side of the family. She also kind of wanted to join the Jello trend. I'm feeling like that must of - how it had gone down, but her Jello was a little bit more interesting. In a polite way of saying it, interesting. So I specifically remember, and this story has been told many times in my family, a time going over there with my whole family. And she brought out the dessert and we are all like "Oh my gosh. Jello!" She put it on the table like uncovered it with the tin foil and we looked inside and we were like, "Huh?" And she was like "Guys I've been experimenting. This is celery Jello." And we looked at her and we were like "Yum, celery... and Jello..." So I think we ate it at some point, but that's definitely a time when I ate food, but I didn't like it, 'cause I was polite.

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“I want IQ points.”

But if I were to be paid if something other than money... If it's, like you know, in the more fantasy realm, I want IQ points. I want to be a genius. Super smart. Like, right now I feel like I'm just above average, like, I'm not that smart and it's kind of sad but I have to accept it. And I see my classmates, natural geniuses. I'm like, "Oh dang. I wish I was like that" but I'm not, so kind of a little of that. So I definitely want to be smarter if that were a possibility, because then I could, you know, learn languages more easily, do harder math, get a perfect SAT score, you know, something like that. Or like in video games when there's like skill points. Like plus one into art, plus one into music, plus one into, I don't know, cooking. That sort of thing. Skill points would be really cool. Or like skill points into magic, you know. The ability to like just go to work and then become a powerful wizard and become a vigilante at night, would be a pretty fun idea. 

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