“The word ‘east’ reminded me of him.”

Okay, I'm not gonna go to the questions yet because surprisingly I have something to talk about East. So, I've- I'm half Chinese and lately I've been interested in like Chinese mythology because like it's so cool. And so, one thing I've been looking into was like different little creatures and gods and spiritual beasts and stuff and there's this one really cool dragon in Chinese mythology called the green dragon or azure dragon depending on how you say the name I guess and he's like the man of the east the East Sea is his, even though like when you look on a map of China is only the eastern side is connected to a sea. I don't get why I like Black Tortoise, Vermilion Bird and the White Tiger all have like corresponding oceans to them when China is surrounded by Mongolia and other countries like that, but I'm not gonna fret about the details. Could be like, you know established before when China is bigger. Maybe I don't I like know nothing on Asian history, even though I'm Asian, I'm like shameful to my ancestors. We need to be taught more about stuff in school. But yeah, I don't know the word East just reminded me of him. His name is 'Qinglong'. I forgot his other name. But yeah, that was something cool.

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“It was just me and her. We were dead silent.”

I’m not that political, but um, with the Supreme Court overturning Roe v Wade on Friday, that really really really hit me hard. When, when I found out, I was in the car with my mom. We were driving to go to a museum only like 15 minutes away. So we were -- we had just gotten in the car and we were on the expressway. We had just gotten breakfast, and she changed the radio station, and it said that it was overturned, and it was dead silent in the car. It was just me and her. We were dead silent. And then she was, like, swearing and yelling at the radio, like she was really really mad, and I was just sitting there, like, I was about to start crying. And we barely talked to each other for the rest of the ride to the museum. And I was just, after that, I was just kinda messed up for the rest of the day. Like I didn’t know what to do or what to say, and it just kinda felt like I was so sad, but like, I didn’t know what to do. And that night, I cried myself to sleep. I mean, cried myself to sleep. I have never cried myself to sleep -- like I probably have, I’m probably just being overdramatic -- but I, I was just laying in my bed, and I was trying to distract myself by doing other things, and I couldn’t. I was just sobbing. And I would go on like TikTok to distract myself, and it wouldn’t distract me because all I’d see on there was protests, and other people crying, and other people being super pissed about what’s happening, and, for me, I’m 15 years old, turning 16 in like a week. There really isn’t anything I can do, and since I don’t have my driver’s license, and most people I’m friends with don’t have driver’s licenses, I can’t really -- it’s not like I can go to protests or anything, so I can’t really do anything. I feel so helpless. And so useless. Like, I can’t vote on it being on the ballot, I can’t do -- I can’t put like signatures so then it can be on the ballot in November, but I mean, I’m getting my whole family to do it. Whenever we see people um…

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“I do a lot of things where not that many women are prominent”

Have I ever had a personal experience with double standards? I definitely have. I do a lot of things where not that many women are prominent in the field or women of color. One of those things is chess and another one of those things is coding. And you know, I guess you know even even like this Monday this past Monday, I was playing chess against against this old man, and I won and like his whole friend group was like, "oh my God like you won against you, you lost to a girl, you lost to a girl". But like literally like a half hour before, a boy beat him and none of them said anything like that. And so that's a double standard I've experienced in terms of like woman winning, winning against a man in chess and then the same with like coding, you know. When you when you go to a lot of coding events, there aren't that many girls present and so, you know, you just get like those weird looks. In terms of opportunities, there isn't always equity in that, but I do think that we've come a long way and that we need to acknowledge that. You know, no matter what double standards are always gonna exist. You just need to make sure that people who, you know, apply to those double standards or take part in those double standards, you know. Those those numbers just need to be lower.

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“I put it in our basketball team’s shared folder.”
Cloud computing imagery.

“I put it in our basketball team’s shared folder.”

So I have, I have an older sibling, and you know, siblings have the kind of relationship where you'll take pictures dressed in weird outfits, you know, making funny faces and send them to each other. And so, me and my sister have a, have a funny, we have, a funny picture, folder, or album, and it's a shared folder. And so, you know, in fact for her graduation, I actually took some pictures from that and hung them, and hung them up on her picture board. But, so I, I was going through my uncle's closet, and he's like six feet tall and I'm five feet and a half, and so when I wore his, I wore one of his tracksuits and it was super big on me. And I, you know, I dressed up like a rapper and I took a picture and I put it in our shared album. Um, you get a notification and so I knew she'd be notified about it. But instead I put it in our basketball team’s shared folder, and needless for me to say it, it was very, very bad because, um, everybody was like, “Oh N-Honey in the house.” You know, they, they -- I- I- still haven't recovered from that. Um, yeah, so lesson learned, you know, check what shared folder you upload something to.

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“the driver went and he like rode over her art piece.”

So this is, this is, this didn't happen to me. But I remember the other day, we were driving to the hospital for one of my doctor appointments. And it was, you know, like one of those art portfolios? So, this girl is walking with, with one of her art portfolios, and it just randomly started to like rain really heavily. Michigan weather, you know. And it was really windy. And her art portfolio opened, and one of her art like, came, like flew out of the portfolio, and went onto the road. And this was like one of the church schools that's next to the road. And it was a green light, so like the cars had to go. And they didn't - it wasn't - it happened really quickly. So the driver couldn't do anything and so the driver went and he like rode over her art piece. And like we were in like the lane next to it. I was like - I wanted to tell my mom to stop, and I told her but she was like we couldn't, you know, it was it was a green light. And so we drove past and I looked to the side and it was like some sort of beautiful forest I think. And it just had like, muddy tire marks over it . And I felt so bad, but nothing that that has happened to me. Thankfully, knock on wood.

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“Now I have no idea what S&P is.”

“What's a news headline that stuck out to this week?” I dunno, I saw something this morning about NBA players. I don't really remember. I dunno, I have, like, a notification from New York Times. It says: “The S&P 500 recovered from the plunge into bear territory. It is down 18% this year amid its longest stretch of weekly losses in twenty-one years.” Now I have no idea what S&P is, so I think – I have my computer open right now, the questions are on it. So I'm just gonna google it. S&P five – what is this? It's a, it’s a stock market index, tracking the performance of 500 large companies. What, so it’s going down? Yeah, it's down 18% this year, oh wow. Oh, yeah, I can see the graph, although it went up today by 0.015%. Yeah, I don't know if that's, like, useful information. But, but yeah.

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“My grandmother told me stories and it was just a very, like, carefree time.”

“Tell us about a really nice cozy rainy day. What did you do during that day?” So, I remember when I was in third grade, I was in India for my uncle's wedding and my whole family had gone out to, like, my uncle's wife's or like bride’s home to, like, have dinner and stuff, but I had fallen asleep. And so my grandmother stayed home with me, and when I woke up, I really wanted to, like, go outside, but it was raining. And so we stayed at home and we made Indian sweets with, like, our hands. And it was, you know, like now that my grandmother has passed away, it seems, like -- it seems like just a memory or like a dream. It doesn't really seem real. But I remember we just -- we made the sweets. We played around, it was a good time. You know, we talked. My grandmother told me stories and it was just a very, like, carefree time, I guess.

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“The bun quite literally fell out.”

One of the prompts this week is, have you heard of the phrase "The show must go on." Have you ever had an experience where something went wrong and you had to keep going Anyway? Yeah, I have definitely heard this phrase and I have definitely been in situations where this phrase was kind of utilized and you just gotta go with the go with the flow. Again I love to dance. I have been dancing since a very, very young age, nearly three to four years old. So over the years, you know, specifically as a dancer, you're in a lot of recitals, a lot of performances, a lot of competitions and sometimes things, don't go your way. I remember one time before I was getting on stage. My friend's bun was falling off or like, like the hair strands were coming off. And we had like these donuts that are hidden within their hair and she had a quick costume change and she came on stage and the donut quite - and I'm not sure how this happened, because there's so many pins in place, but I think it was just loose and she had just recently cut her hair so - it wasn't event  that long. And the and the bun, quite literally fell out and there was like pins sticking out of it. And it was on stage. Thankfully was like near the back so the audience, couldn't really just see, like a donut, just like plop down. However, like our dance was like fast-paced, and I had to just keep rolling with it. And I didn't - So like, I knew it fell down like, after the performance was over. I didn't know before. So while I was performing and we were changing formations. I stepped on the donut and a little bit of like a pin kind of pinched me in my foot, cuz I went in and it kind of jolted, but I didn't like it hurt it hurt fairly bad, but the show must go on. So, I just put a bigger - I thought you probably could tell, but too much of a fake smile, but I put it on, you know, the show must go on and you keep going.

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“I will never be watching another horror movie again.”

A few weeks ago I think like, so I guess this was not very recently, but I think over winter break for school, my friends and I we all got together. There were like three or four of us together, and we watched "It". And again, like I like I've-- when it first came out and was super popular like my brother and cousins, like they started watching it one night at our house, but I fell asleep after like the first five minutes. I didn't really see many of the scary things, and I kinda just closed my eyes. But over winter break when I was watching with friends, they were like "No no no it's going to be fine. This is not even one of the scary horror movies." It was terrible. It was a very terrible experience for me. I got scared so easily, and I knew for a fact, I was going to get nightmares. I literally could not sleep for like three days after because it wasn't even just like the clown or whatever that was scaring me, and I knew all that stuff's fake. But, like, any time I watch scary things, I always get night terrors, and they're really bad. And it's like, I have to wake up and tell myself it's not like real and I have to like calm down. So personally, I don't find horror movies/scary movies, all of that very entertaining. They're not my cup of tea, definitely, but I know a lot of people do enjoy it. I have decided that I will never be watching another horror movie again, no matter how much people insist. I'm going to stand my ground. And if my friends want to watch it, I will very happily just close my eyes and ears for the whole movie or be on my phone. And yeah, so I'm definitely not going to indulge in any scary movies anymore. I hate them basically and again to each their own.

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“The best thing you can do if you’re in a horror movie, is basically do something a horror movie protagonist would do.”

“If you were in a horror movie, would you survive or would the audience yell at you as you walk into the basement?” I feel like I would make smart decisions but would be killed anyway, like I remember there was this one time where my parents were like, you know, out and then my siblings and I stayed home and suddenly, you know, our house has the alarms which basically go off if something happens, like if a door opens, you know, they go off, you know, you obviously have to set it like, if a window breaks, if someone breaks in and basically, we are just, you know, chilling at home, parents are away. And suddenly we hear alarm go off and it's like area seven or something around the lines of that. And just, like, hear beeping in the area seven and again, my sister and I were downstairs. I think my brothers are upstairs, and we started to look at each other. I think I went upstairs. And then, my brothers decided to go investigate in the basement. They -- we call our parents and they're like, “Oh, go check.” And apparently it was pipeline. So it was nothing serious. But yeah, so while -- I guess, I hid upstairs, my sibling were like, “Oh, yeah, let's just go, you know, downstairs.” They brought kitchen knives. I know. So I feel like in a horror movie in that situation, they would survive or maybe one of them might have died, I dunno, cus, like, that’s something a protagonist in a horror movie would do. And I, you know, being smart, would die. I think, like, the best thing you can do if you're in a horror movie, is basically do something that a horror movie protagonist would do. Cuz, you know, they gotta survive ‘til the end. Yeah, I'd be a side character for sure. Yeah, I feel like my decisions would keep me alive, but I'm just an unlucky person. So I'm gonna die anyways.

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