“I just wish in the future I can have the same kindness in the airport.”
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“I just wish in the future I can have the same kindness in the airport.”

I will have 36 hours of flights and layovers to try and troubleshoot it. But I guarantee, I guarantee on the way back, I'm going to be such a mess, I'm going to be crying in NAIA. I'm going to be crying in the airport, in the terminal, in the plane. Last time I flew back from QC to Grand Rapids, I literally -- I was sat next to this grandma. And they gave -- they were passing out this like Haagen-Dazs ice cream. I don't know. I don't feel like -- at the beginning of the flight like Haagen-Dazs, and I was crying, like I was sobbing in my seat quietly, but albeit very, very distressed.  And this poor little lady, she looks at me, and she does not speak any English -- I do not speak any Thai, because she spoke Thai. And I just -- I was just like looking at her, and she looked at me, and then she was like going over to like the, what is it? What is it called? What are they called? Stewardess? I think that's -- flight attendant. Flight attendant. And she's like, she's like gesturing for like more, and so she got like all these Haagen Dazs, and she gave them to me, and I was like, "No, no, like I'm lactose intolerant, it's fine." And she's like, "No, no, no, no take it, take it." And I was like, "Ope," so then I just had all of this Haagen Dazs, and it was kind of a beautiful moment. But I also was like, I feel so bad whenever I feel distressed in public that I'm like visibly, visibly crying, because then I feel like people are like, "Oh you poor thing, like, how can I help?" And I genuinely don't know, like, I genuinely have no idea. But the Haagen Dazs, the Haagan Dazs was a very nice surprise. She was so sweet. She was so sweet. Um, I just wish in the future, can have the same kindness in the airport. Otherwise, it may not be as enjoyable as a journey.

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“So much soup was all over the entire rotating disk.”

So I got my stuff, I put it into the microwave, and I put it in for -- either it, it was either two or three minutes. Think it was three minutes. And I put it in there and then I left to go do something. So I was like, "Oh, it's just microwaving, it's not like anything bad's gonna happen." And then I come back like a minute or two later, and I look inside and there's soup all over like the rotating disk, and I'm like "No!" I freak out, and I'm like, "Oh my gosh!" And so I stop it because apparently the heat of it was making the soup bubble out of it or something like that. I didn't really understand it. Either way, it was not working well. So much soup was all over the entire rotating disk and I was freaked out and so then, "Oh my God, I gotta go clean this up." And so I went -- I went to the girls bathroom because I was in the cafeteria and there's a cafeteria -- there's a bathroom inside the cafeteria. But that bathroom only has -- what's it called? Dryers. No, uh, towels. And so I was like, "Ah!" and so the closest bathroom was pretty far away, and I didn't want anyone to see the mess I had made, and so I had to run, run, full sprint there to go get some towels. And then I got 'em and then I wiped it, but there was still more soup and I was like "Ah!" So I ran back to that bathroom, got more paper towels, and I finished it all up. And then this time, I was like, "Okay, I learned my lesson. I'll get -- I'll get more paper towels and I'll wait for this thing to cook and I'll watch it cook." So I watched it cooked -- so I watched it cook, and it was still experiencing the same problem. It was so dumb. And so I kinda -- I think I layered it with a paper towel on the bottom so all the soup would go on to the paper towel. Either that or I just waited for it to be done so I could just like clean it. Or I would like, stop it every few seconds to like make sure it didn't get too…

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“What’s it called…? Oh, burning my fingers off.”

Oh, you know what else I did today? Today I started three -- four -- five fires today. I was very proud. We were doing chemistry and we needed to light a Bunsen burner, but I didn't realize the Bunsen burner I got sucked, like a lot. And so I kept on trying to, like, turn it on. So you would -- here's what a -- you would take the Bunsen burner and then there was like this little, uh, tube. You insert one end of the tube into the gas nozzle and then you light a match. It's important that you don't turn on the gas nozzle until you've lit your match. And so I lit my match and it was really easy. Like, when we had to do, like, our fire unit, like, at the beginning the school year, it was really hard to get the matches. Like it was crazy hard. I was like, "What?" It was so hard for me. And then a few -- like a month ago, I had to -- I decided to do a training course for Wilderness Survival club. And they trained me on how to start a fire with flint and steel and it was really hard and I even had lighter fluid and it was still really hard. So now just, like, lighting a match felt like the easiest thing in the world 'cause it did not take that much effort and it was great. And so we were -- you would get the match, and then you would, as soon as your match is on, you turn your Buns- -- you turn the gas nozzle and then you put the match over the Bunsen burner. And the gas will come out of the Bunsen burner and into the fire and it'll catch fire and it's great but ours didn't work. So I had -- I tried, like, three times to get the thing to light on fire but it didn't light on fire. And one time it was extremely close to, like, uh, what's it called...? Oh, burning my fingers off, which really sucked. But nothing happened, it was just really, really close, like, maybe a centimeter away from my fingers. And then our teacher noticed what was happening 'cause we called him over to ask him about it and he got us a new one because he…

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“My sister’s boyfriend’ll be like, ‘We know who the real third wheel is.'”

My sister's boyfriend has a little brother. And he is best friends with my boyfriend. And their friendship is a little bit more than friendly a lot a bit of the time. Like, there's jokes that everyone thinks that they're dating, and it's kind of a wreck and it makes me feel really awkward. So over the past couple days -- my boyfriend completely lives here again -- I saw a heart get added onto this other kid's contact. And we were like at a thing together and he was texting him. He keeps bringing him up. And my boyfriend also stopped getting, like, defensive when people made jokes about them dating around me. Like he's just totally cool with it now, and like my sister's boyfriend'll be like, "We know who the real third wheel is." And, um, my boyfriend doesn't deny it. He just lets me go on feeling like I'm a third wheel, which is so uncool. Like, what the heck! So now I'm like, "I don't know what to do."

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“Immediately I just got up, freaked out, and drained the bath.”

So I was downstate at my great aunt and uncle's house for a swim meet, and I was trying to figure out their shower and I couldn't. So I decided, "Okay. I'll use their bath." And I really couldn't figure out how to like, turn it on and keep the water going. So I just got like a little bit of water, and it wasn't very like warm and I couldn't really figure out how to adjust the temperature or how to adjust anything. Like, I couldn't even figure out how to get the shower to work. And I'm just like taking my bath and like messing around with different like buttons and stuff and blah blah blah, and all of a sudden I see like these black, like, big fly-looking things that are just like, like three of them or something that are like, around me, and immediately I just got up, freaked out, and drained the bath. And I wish I could tell you what those were, but I don't know. I was like freaking out, and I was like, "Okay, I'm gonna forget about this," 'cause it was like night time and I was shivering and I was super scared and I didn't get a good bath. And so I just left and I didn't try to figure out what the big black things were. So I know that you want, like, a better ending to that story, but like I have no idea what they were and I never figured out how to properly use that bath. Actually, I did the next time I went there, but I used -- learned how to use the shower because I did not want to take a bath again.

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“We were all just looking at the sun, slowly watching it get eaten up and it was great.”

So, today's prompt is, "Did you see the eclipse last Monday, and if you did, what was your experience like?" So, it was actually really, really fun. There hasn't been an eclipse since when I lived in -- somewhere else, so it felt really great to see it again. And last time it was fun, but not nearly as enjoyable as this time. Last time, we had these little boxes. Little shadow boxes that you could use to see a reflection of the sun or whatever. And then if you were lucky, there'd be like one pair of glasses per little classroom. Uh, and then we would have, like, one pair of glasses for each class. So I got to see through it for like two seconds, twice maybe, during the whole lunar eclipse, or solar eclipse, whatever it was last time. I think it was a lunar eclipse last time. Like, two, two years ago in 2019, I believe?  Something like that. And so it was pretty -- it obviously was 2019, what am I saying? Two thousand -- eh, well, hey, 2019. I don't know. It's been a while, man. And so this time, I was really lucky. We -- I go to a pretty small school, but we get no funding what- whatsoever. But somehow we had enough money to buy every student in the school a pair of solar glasses. And I thought that that was incredible. Very, very nice of them to do that for us. And so it was really great, and we each got a pair, and we got to go outside for the last 20 minutes of class to look at the solar eclipse to see how it was faring. So, the whole school was out in the front or in the back, and we were all just looking at the sun, slowly watching it get eaten up and it was great. It was really, really fun. But it got even more fun when I asked the teacher if I could keep the glasses over -- over the -- over -- if I could keep the glasses overnight because by the time we left the school, it -- the moon -- it wouldn't be at its, like, totality yet. And so I wanted to see it at its totality, and so I asked if I could keep the glasses for a few…

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“So, one of us had to clean this up while the other person was watching six kids outside by themselves.”

So my sister and I would babysit together. There were these two little girls down the street and they were probably four and six. Yeah, I'll say four and six. So one time we went over to their house to babysit them, and their parents told them that they could invite friends over. So they invited literally every single kid that lived in this cul-de-sac over to their house, so we were watching like six kids at once. And one of the little girls needed to go inside and use the bathroom, so we took her inside. And they had a dog also, and the dog like didn't recognize her, so he was, like -- got really excited and hit the table and a vase fell down. It was glass but it didn't shatter, but sunflowers, like, spilt everywhere. So, one of us had to clean this up while the other person was watching six kids outside by themselves. It was kind of a bit of a mess, but it was -- it was okay in the end.

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“I remember thinking before the race, like ‘What if I end up finishing in front of all the other girls that are faster than me?’”

Oh, oh, oh, so I had a cross country race this fall. I wo- -- I'm not the fastest. I'm the fourth fastest on our team. Um, third or fourth fastest on our team and -- for girls. All th- -- like almost all the boys are faster than me. So there was this one race, the big invitational, and our top runner -- she kinda did this a lot, she started like throwing up and -- on the side of the course and I passed her and I was like "Oh this is not good, right?" And usually when that happens, she just like passes me right back and, um, still does really well because she has a crazy last -- crazy fast last mile. That did not happen and then I passed the two other girls that were in front of me from our team and so for the first time ever, and probably the only time ever, I was the fastest finisher for our team in a cross country race. And I thought that that was nuts because I, I remember thinking before the race, like "What if I end up finishing in front of all the other girls that are faster than me?" And I did and it was crazy and I just felt like really cool. Like during the race, I felt really good and I think I negative splitted the third mile. And like, so many people came up to me after and they just, like, told me how proud they were. And I dunno, it was just a big moment for me because I, I never saw myself as like a fast runner and I think that really helped boost my confidence.

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“So, sorry about that, Uncle!”

So another person I interviewed was my uncle. And my uncle lives in Vietnam and I do not live in Vietnam, I live in America, the U- – uh, Michigan. And so, I thought that our time difference was 12 hours, right? And I wanted to interview him. So I thought, "Oh, if I get to school at 6 o'clock and call him to interview him, then over there it will be 6 PM. And then that'll all work out and we can do the interview." So I told him, "Okay, we're gonna interview each other at 6 PM, Vietnam time." And I was like, "Yeah, this is gonna work out great. This is such a great idea." Mm-mm. Apparently it's not a 12-hour difference, it's an 11-hour difference. But I didn't know that! So the first time I went to school, I started calling him and he was not answering and I was so frustrated. I was like, "Where are you grand- –? Where are you uncle? Where are you?"  He would not answer, and an hour later he was like, "Oh sorry. I was washing the dishes."  And I was like, "Um, 'kay then. Uh, I- I guess that could happen."  Because he works in a monastery – he's a priest, that's why I was interviewing him. It was about, uh, covid relief that he was doing. He and his missionary were doing some work for covid and I wanted to interview them about that.  And so a few... days later, I think? I decided to do it again. So we went – so I went into the journalism room and my teacher was there. Pretty sure I went and got her keys. Maybe she had to come in early because I was going in early too. Sorry about that! But, um, she was my journalism teacher. And then, so, I was like, "Okay, here's what I'm gonna do. I'm going to call him." And it was 6 and he still didn't answer and I was getting really frustrated at that time. I was like, "Dude, what is going on?!" And then finally I was like, "Okay, last try." And I called him again, he did not answer!  And then, finally at 7, when I was in class, he was like, "Oh, yeah. Um, I thought we were gonna call each other at 6." And I'm like, "Yeah,…

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“He brought a fertilizer sprayer, and he put mints in it.”

Friday was "Anything but a Backpack" day, and we also had to wear blue, and we had to wear blue for the unified basketball game. And I think [name] won on Friday, "Anything but a Backpack," 'cause he brought a, a -- oh, what are they called? It's like, a fertilizer sprayer. So, he brought a fertilizer sprayer, and he put mints in the -- in it. So then when the people who, like, judge came through, he put the mints in it, and he started walking around with it so it, like, sprayed mints everywhere. So yeah, that's how he won.

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