“The bun quite literally fell out.”

One of the prompts this week is, have you heard of the phrase "The show must go on." Have you ever had an experience where something went wrong and you had to keep going Anyway? Yeah, I have definitely heard this phrase and I have definitely been in situations where this phrase was kind of utilized and you just gotta go with the go with the flow. Again I love to dance. I have been dancing since a very, very young age, nearly three to four years old. So over the years, you know, specifically as a dancer, you're in a lot of recitals, a lot of performances, a lot of competitions and sometimes things, don't go your way. I remember one time before I was getting on stage. My friend's bun was falling off or like, like the hair strands were coming off. And we had like these donuts that are hidden within their hair and she had a quick costume change and she came on stage and the donut quite - and I'm not sure how this happened, because there's so many pins in place, but I think it was just loose and she had just recently cut her hair so - it wasn't event  that long. And the and the bun, quite literally fell out and there was like pins sticking out of it. And it was on stage. Thankfully was like near the back so the audience, couldn't really just see, like a donut, just like plop down. However, like our dance was like fast-paced, and I had to just keep rolling with it. And I didn't - So like, I knew it fell down like, after the performance was over. I didn't know before. So while I was performing and we were changing formations. I stepped on the donut and a little bit of like a pin kind of pinched me in my foot, cuz I went in and it kind of jolted, but I didn't like it hurt it hurt fairly bad, but the show must go on. So, I just put a bigger - I thought you probably could tell, but too much of a fake smile, but I put it on, you know, the show must go on and you keep going.

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“I will never be watching another horror movie again.”

A few weeks ago I think like, so I guess this was not very recently, but I think over winter break for school, my friends and I we all got together. There were like three or four of us together, and we watched "It". And again, like I like I've-- when it first came out and was super popular like my brother and cousins, like they started watching it one night at our house, but I fell asleep after like the first five minutes. I didn't really see many of the scary things, and I kinda just closed my eyes. But over winter break when I was watching with friends, they were like "No no no it's going to be fine. This is not even one of the scary horror movies." It was terrible. It was a very terrible experience for me. I got scared so easily, and I knew for a fact, I was going to get nightmares. I literally could not sleep for like three days after because it wasn't even just like the clown or whatever that was scaring me, and I knew all that stuff's fake. But, like, any time I watch scary things, I always get night terrors, and they're really bad. And it's like, I have to wake up and tell myself it's not like real and I have to like calm down. So personally, I don't find horror movies/scary movies, all of that very entertaining. They're not my cup of tea, definitely, but I know a lot of people do enjoy it. I have decided that I will never be watching another horror movie again, no matter how much people insist. I'm going to stand my ground. And if my friends want to watch it, I will very happily just close my eyes and ears for the whole movie or be on my phone. And yeah, so I'm definitely not going to indulge in any scary movies anymore. I hate them basically and again to each their own.

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“The best thing you can do if you’re in a horror movie, is basically do something a horror movie protagonist would do.”

“If you were in a horror movie, would you survive or would the audience yell at you as you walk into the basement?” I feel like I would make smart decisions but would be killed anyway, like I remember there was this one time where my parents were like, you know, out and then my siblings and I stayed home and suddenly, you know, our house has the alarms which basically go off if something happens, like if a door opens, you know, they go off, you know, you obviously have to set it like, if a window breaks, if someone breaks in and basically, we are just, you know, chilling at home, parents are away. And suddenly we hear alarm go off and it's like area seven or something around the lines of that. And just, like, hear beeping in the area seven and again, my sister and I were downstairs. I think my brothers are upstairs, and we started to look at each other. I think I went upstairs. And then, my brothers decided to go investigate in the basement. They -- we call our parents and they're like, “Oh, go check.” And apparently it was pipeline. So it was nothing serious. But yeah, so while -- I guess, I hid upstairs, my sibling were like, “Oh, yeah, let's just go, you know, downstairs.” They brought kitchen knives. I know. So I feel like in a horror movie in that situation, they would survive or maybe one of them might have died, I dunno, cus, like, that’s something a protagonist in a horror movie would do. And I, you know, being smart, would die. I think, like, the best thing you can do if you're in a horror movie, is basically do something that a horror movie protagonist would do. Cuz, you know, they gotta survive ‘til the end. Yeah, I'd be a side character for sure. Yeah, I feel like my decisions would keep me alive, but I'm just an unlucky person. So I'm gonna die anyways.

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“Horror movies have absolutely ruined some of the best friendships I’ve had in my life.”

I'm going to be completely honest, I almost laughed when I saw that the genre, the theme for this week was horror. Horror movies have absolutely ruined some of the best friendships I've had in my life. And this is the only connection I ever make to horror movies now. Essentially -- I don't want to tell this story again. I feel like I'm living in the past, you know, but it genuinely hurt me and it was for some reason all about horror movies, cuz I suggested, “Hey, me, you and the other two friends that we’re all really close with, we’re having a sleepover. But can we not watch horror movies? Can we maybe play games or something?” And then, to my surprise, the meeting was almost -- people were like, “Yeah, yeah, we could do that.” And then, almost immediately the whole thing got canceled. I found out months later during my birthday party that it was not canceled. They just said it was canceled and then invited everyone else besides me, because I said I didn't wanna watch horror movies. Yeah, that's a lot of the association I have with horror.

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“In this society, I would rather be a scientist.”

The last question is, would you rather be a mad scientist or artist genius? Why? Mad scientists, I would rather be a mad scientist I suppose, because I want to do something good to the world, but I guess I could do that with art too. So, an art genius would be pretty good, except that my parents wouldn't call that a very successful career. So yeah, I don't think I could really -- yeah, I mean, in this society, I would rather be a scientist. Plus you can just make so many things and you can still do art while being a scientist. So yes, I would be a scientist, and you can come up so many different things too, like I could, I don't know, figure out a way to go to space or something.

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“I still believe it was the right thing to do and it was hard.”

So a time that I told the truth, even though it was hard to do so was when a friend of mine was dating someone else and they really, really liked them but I saw them hanging out with someone else, and I knew my friend didn't know about that. And so I -- it was hard for me to tell her because I knew it was going to affect her relationship and kind of felt awkward because I didn't really feel like it was my place to say that. But I think it was important for me to say that because it ended up that he was cheating on her. And so I still believe that it was the right thing to do and it was hard, to be honest, just because I like -- I did't want to hurt my friend, but the truth comes out, it's gonna come out anyway, so I thought it would have been better for her to know when I knew, just so that later on she wouldn't be mad that I knew the truth and didn't tell her. 

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“It was so bad we had to keep watching.”

It was four AM one day, and we were just, we're in the mood to start a TV show or watch a full-blown movie. We just wanted something quick to entertain ourselves 'cause we were all a little bit low on energy. So we were on YouTube and for some reason, my friend's laptop had the Barbie movie come up on the recommended, because her little sister was watching some Barbie movies earlier on the day on her, like laptop or something. And so we put on Barbie movies and they were so -- like the quality was so bad 'cause they were made so long ago and, like, the animation was just so, not what we're used to these days where the animation is so beautiful and they -- like the movie itself just is so aesthetic these days, but like back then they didn't have of course, that technology. So the animation was quite bad and the dialogue and the characters and the plot. It was just, it was just so bad that we had to keep watching and we just like, giggled our way throughout the whole movie. And, of course, we skipped some parts because we wouldn't have been able to survive that otherwise. I'm trying to think of, like other recent movie examples that I didn't necessarily enjoy, but I just kept watching. And sometimes I just need something to be on while I'm eating something. Like if I came home from school and I'm eating a snack or it's like Saturday night, I just made a bowl of pasta or like some sort of dinner, like, instant Ramen or something. I usually like, watching something to entertain myself because it's like, no one else is eating dinner with me because everyone else already ate and I'm just sitting here alone at a dining table. That's not fun. So sometimes I just need something to watch and for those times. I might just put anything on. Because again, at that point, I will take anything just to entertain myself. So in those situations, sometimes I keep watching things even though they're bad.

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“And everyone stared at me and it was very, very embarrassing.”

I'm trying to think if there's ever like a super serious situation and I began laughing. Usually, I'm able to control myself. Most of the times I'm able to control myself, and I don't laugh out loud when I shouldn't. Oh, well, there's this one time where my parents were hosting this event at our house and it was more like an adult thing. It was kind of like a religious thing and my brother and I, we were just like playing in the back of the room, while everyone else was sitting down, and we were like so bored and again, like we were like whispering, but he said something super funny. And I just started laughing out loud and I forgot that I'm in a room filled with these adults and they're all here for this thing. And I totally forgot. And everyone stared at me and it was very, very embarrassing. And also I feel like this prompt reminds me of moments where like, you're just talk- like there's so many times where I'm just talking in a class and like everyone is talking amongst themselves, and I'm just talking to a friend that's sitting next to me or across from me and suddenly right when I get to like it's not even a weird part of the story It just sounds really weird out of context. Right when I say something like that immediately the whole class goes quiet. And it's so so embarrassing because obviously what I was talking about was not weird or crazy. It's just that it was timed so awkwardly and everyone got silent. So out of context and found very, very weird, but it's not. So, I think situations like this are just bad luck and it's just not timed out well, and it happens and it's very, very, very embarrassing. But you know, it is what it is.

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“I’m not going to ride the skateboard back to house.”

The second time is a part that no one in my family knows about cuz I was too embarrassed to tell them. So I skateboarded a bit ago like I haven't been doing it recently, because my skateboarding shoes aren't... are just annoying to wear and I don't want to, you know, I can't use my normal shoes or they'll get scratched up. So, It was like around the summer. I was doing quite well, I kept like, I couldn't ollie or anything, but I was able to, like, tic-tac, I could turn decently well. I liked going fast. I could ride on one foot. You know, it was great. And then, I guess, so it's for context, there's two types of skateboards I have, the normal one and then there's a longboard. Basically, a longboard is a bigger version of a skateboard. It has- it can go like faster, I believe, and it's harder to slow down though. It's like heavier and its wheels are softer, so it can go over rough surfaces very smoothly and quickly. So, one day I was like, feeling overly cocky and confident because, you know, I was doing well, so I decided to take off half of my gear, I wasn't wearing a helmet and I wasn't wearing a- I don't know- any armor, I forgot the right term on my knee on my right knee, or my right elbow. I was wearing on my left and knee and left elbow. So yeah, and so I decided to go to the top of the bridge. So basically we have like this long stretch of land. There's like this concrete bridge that goes over a slow stream and it's not a very steep but it's long and this downward. So I decided to go on my longboard and ride down that. Halfway there I started shaking. These are called like little speed wobbles. I don't really know why me because like way too much friction between like the... I don't know all the terminology but like the metal part of the wheels. And then I started shaking and I was like, oh God, I just I don't know what to do. So I decide to like a jump off. Not jump off. I ended up falling off and I end up scratching my side, my right knee and my arm. So yeah, and then…

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“When you look at the little things, then you realize just how not boring it is, just how interesting it is.”

Like, take me for example, I thought my life was boring. Well, you know, first we had -- first we were under lockdown and then after that was quarantine, and now it's winter. So I barely got time to go outside except over the summer, that was pretty cool. So I thought my life was boring. But when you look at the little things, then you realize just how not boring it is, just how interesting it is. You might look online and then see people traveling all over the world, you know, doing whatever they want. But -- and you're at home. Well, that doesn't matter because they might be doing the big things but you're doing the small things and that's what really matters in the end. So, is my life boring or it just depends on your perspective? If you look at it -- if you look at the small things, then of course, it's definitely not boring.

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