“I have never been on a successful whale watch before.”

So we walked back down along the coastline and ended up at a whale watching boat, which we took out, took a tour out into one of the bays, the big the big bay. Again, don't know the name of it. And they took us out probably 45 minutes or so. We motored out. And then we saw the whales, and wow did we see some whales. I have never been on a successful whale watch before, so this is finally — I actually see why people want to do this and get excited about whale watching. Before this experience, I had had a couple bad experiences with with whale watching so I was really kind of excited to see this happen. So they're humpback whales that kind of migrate to and from Iceland, the Icelandic waters, the northern -- northern Atlantic waters, and they go down the Atlantic south you know, summer winter that kind of thing, kind of migrate.  And we saw several many many different ones at the time, you could see the blowhole splashes, and then you could see the dorsal fins on the top, and then several times we saw them actually take the deeper dive where you can see the tail totally come out of the water. Got some really good pictures. One of them did some sort of a -- some sort of a tail slap-type thing. So like more of it was actually out of the water, and its tail like really slapped the water. It's called something, can't remember what it's called of course. We didn't see any of them like breach or like bring their you know heads out of the water or anything like that. But sometimes they were — they were really close you could see the barnacles on them. And like I said had never experienced anything like that before which was just really really cool.

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“I would have a bat under my hat.”

Maybe a controversial take but I think I would have a bat under my hat. Not only because it rhymes, but also I don't want to wear a gigantic hat like it'd be dope to have like a cat or a small dog or something I guess. I'm not trying to -- first of all, have the neck pain of supporting like a nine pound animal in my head, but also I don't think there are a lot of really fashionable hats that would accommodate that kind of animal. Bat, on the other hand, like small spaces. It probably would not be a very kind to have it like under a baseball cap, but maybe, I don't actually know. But the rationale -- so if it's under my control, it's obviously not gonna bite me, that's part  — part A. Part B is you would just have your own personal like mosquito eater. So you're at a bonfire, let's say, and the mosquitoes are just eating everyone else alive. Not you, because your little bat buddy is flying around eating them all. Why else? Keeping warm on my head, you know, I think that would be kind of a nice thing-- a little mammal. Would freak people out, nobody wants a bat flying in their face. So you're having an unpleasant conversation you wanted to end, just take your hat off, bat flies in their face, they scurry off, done. I think it would work in a professional setting for sure. No one could prove that you are controlling the bat because that's insane, so you could gaslight your coworkers. That's pretty good. Um, yeah, I can't think of any other pro-cons. I think that a bat is the play.

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