“I was really grateful for Christmas…”

The first question is "What are you grateful for this week?" So as you know, Sunday was Christmas, and I was really grateful for Christmas, just in general. Christmas traditions, Christmas food, Christmas movies, Christmas presents, Santa, all those. So that's what I'm just really, you know, grateful for this week.

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“‘Does anything excite you these days as a 12 year old?’ Being alone without brothers coming up.”

Any big plans for break? Well, we had some but then grandparents got sick. So now, no. What were the plans?  Go down to Missouri and hang out with family. Were you excited by these plans?  No. So are you excited to be home? Not really, but more excited. Does anything excite you these days as a 12 year old? Being alone without brothers coming up. Will your brothers be able to make it, do you think? Probably not. Why not? Severe weather warnings. Have you been out on the severe roads or what do you know about the severe weather? I don't even think we've left. Nope. We've been hunkered in haven't we?  Yeah.

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“It’s a turkey the size of your puppy.”

So, what did you eat for Thanksgiving since you won't eat turkey?  Like, a bowl of mashed potatoes the size of my head.  You literally just ate mashed potatoes?  Carrots and cornbread.  So you had cornbread, carrots, and mashed potatoes.  Yeah. Anything else?  Nope. Doesn't sound healthy, does it?  Is there anything unconventional that your family has at Thanksgiving, or was it a pretty traditional menu? I think it was pretty traditional, except for like the turkey on steroids we had.  It wasn't a turkey on steroids. It kind of was. Did you see that thing?  It was a 22 pound turkey. Yeah! Turkey on steroids! It's a turkey the size of your puppy. Dad even made that joke.  Yes, it's a turkey the size of your puppy.  Yeah! Okay, do you remember that kid I was talking to? The one overseas?  Yeah. Yeah? I sent him a picture of the thing and he was like, "Oh my gosh, they were right, everything is bigger in America!" Where is this person from that you've been talking to?  He moved to Switzerland recently, so Switzerland.  Where was he before?  Afghanistan. Okay.  Yeah, he moved to go live with family.  He lives - he - does he have family in Afghanistan that he had to leave? I don't think so. I think everybody kind of moved with him.  Okay. How does he like Switzerland?  He said he likes it. It's pretty cold I bet.  He was freaking out. They got their first - not first snow, but - oh yeah, first snow a few weeks ago. Well, maybe not a few weeks ago, but you know what I'm saying? Like. Yeah.  I don't know, maybe a week or two ago, and he was freaking out, like he's seen snow before, but he was also like "Oh my gosh, there's so much!"

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“I actually do remember a poem that I will actually I’m gonna share it.”

"Have you ever written a poem, either for yourself or for someone? Do you remember what it was about? One of our team members had to write a book of poems for an English class. It was nerve wracking because everyone had to read everyone else's poems."Okay, I have - I've written multiple poems and I've read some poems. Actually, I've read a lot of poems because obviously I mean who doesn't like Where the Sidewalk Ends? I don't what its about, I just know has something to do with the sidewalk ending. But I do not remember the poems because it was in school, and I do know that I suck at writing poems. Oh my gosh, I actually do remember a poem that I wrote. Actually, I'm gonna share it. It's very cheesy. So we had to do this recently this year, and I'm in sixth grade, but we had to write a poem, like we had to write a biography poem about someone. And I wrote it on Demi Lovato. She's one of my favorite singers. I don't really - I mean she's an actress too, but I haven't really watched like shows that she's on, but anywho here's the poem: Demi is an actress and singer.She's born on August 12th - August 20th 1992.She got a big win on Barney and Friends while making amends with Selena GomezAt age seven she learned how to play piano and guitarwhile driving around in a car on tourwhile she lured people into watch her own Disney comedy sitcom Sonny with the Chance.The show is so good - the show is so good it will leave you in a trancewhile she's got some romance with Jordan Lutz.I'm wondering if they'll ever land on some rootsLovato is my fav, with her awesome vocalsand when her and her crew are acting like Royals. So yeah, it's kind of cheesy, but you know, and she actually was really good friends with Selena Gomez on Barney and Friends. So yeah, they were on it together.

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“I took off my life vest and we swam under.”

So, have you ever had a one in a million experience where something statistically improbable happened to you? I'm trying to think, I remember something dumb happened. I forget what it was.  What about your death roll?  Oh that one, I don't know if that's really statistically, like, improbable, but sure. I was going sailing in, like, these dumb little, like, bathtub boats because they fill up with water so quickly and so, me and a kid, we were like going around and it was like a nasty storm. Well, not nasty, but it was like it just cooled down and so we got on back on the water, but then like a bunch of winds just started picking up, so they told us to tack and so we started tacking. But like we got caught on something 'cause we were like close to shore. Like, probably - we got caught on something and it like literally pushed the boat over and instead of just turtling, we like, it like - Explain what a turtle is on a sailboat. Like, a boat like gets flipped fully over.  Okay. But it like turtled with us underneath. So that's called, heavier quotes, "death roll". And so I got yelled at because I told my teammate to take off his life vest and I took off my life vest and we swum - swam under and over because it was just easier than using a dumb life vest, but there's a rule never to take off your life vest, because it'd be safer to like -  Was your mast stuck in the muck and sinking?  Well, it wasn't necessarily sinking. But yeah, it was, like, it was kind of going in. I don't know how to say it better than that. It felt like it was getting lower, but it also didn't. No, but I just decided not to get stuck in there and possibly die, probably not die, but we just got over and got yelled at for taking off our life vests because somebody would've come to save us.  Is this the year you were called the Capsize Queen?  Yes.  You got really good at capsize recovery, didn't you?  Yes.

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“… I had two brownies, a cookie, a big slice of pizza, fish, chips, fries, broccoli, two drinks.”

So two days ago, well, I ran yesterday, but two days ago, we went downstate to stay the night, and we got to go bowling and got to go eat at Central Michigan University. And it was a great time. But their buffet, oh my God, we got to eat there for like free because our coach paid for all of it. Probably like, it was the longest receipt I've ever seen in my entire life, but. So we went and I had two brownies, a cookie, a big slice of pizza, fish, chips, fries, broccoli, two drinks. And I don't know what I’m missing, but like it was so so good and they had an ice cream dispenser, but it was out of stock, and I was like, "Come on! They can't be out of stock of that." Because I had it last year when I went and I was like, "Oh my gosh, I want it." And I was a little bit sick yesterday when I had to run. Maybe, maybe that's why I didn't do well. But that's a different story.

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“Ugh, what a savory person.”

"Sometimes we describe people as sweet or sour or bitter. What do you think it would mean if someone was savory?" I think it would mean like a mean person, like savory, like it's like a salty taste. So I think it means like "Ugh, what a savory person." Like "Why'd you have to be so savory to me?" Like I think it'd mean mean.

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“I convinced her mom to let me take her on it. But then she cried halfway through…”

So have you done anything that's nice or sweet for someone recently? I wouldn't say anything that's particularly really nice. You didn't do anything nice when you went to the fair with your friends or when you went to the fair with the neighbors? I mean I took somebody on the ride who - I'm super confident, so I convinced her mom to let me take her on it. But then she cried halfway through and then started screaming. How old and who was this person? It was the neighbor and she's eight and she was super confident, said that her friends love the ride, that she's gonna love the ride. And that this is gonna be her favorite ride. Probably like 10 seconds into the ride, it goes a bit quieter, like on the quieter section of the ride. All you hear is screaming and crying. What happened? What is the ride? Just like a big loop, that you just go around multiple times. And she was barely tall enough to go on the ride. Actually, I'm pretty sure she's like an inch or something under. So there was a lot of wiggle room there. So it felt like she was flying. Like I'm not that big - but I am big sorry, correction. No, but there was wiggle room for me, and it felt like I was flying. So, for a little one it probably was crazy. So she disliked like that. And then they stopped the ride, they let her get off, but wouldn't let anybody else get off. That included me, so she ran away to go find her mom while I was stuck on the ride, so that was fun. So you tried to do something nice and it didn't turn out well? Nope.

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“…the experience of rain falling on you in the middle of the night.”

Have you ever slept outside? What was it like? Does camping count? I've been camping countless times. I've been in Munising camping. I've been out east camping. I've been out west camping. I've been like down southish probably camping. I've been like camping like a lot of places we go camping quite a bit. So does camping count 'cause we - we're in a tent? We're not, no offense to people who use campers, but that's not camping. You don't get the experience of rain falling on you, in the middle of the night. And sounds not being blocked out and no AC and no actual bed. Like come on people you say you're going camping, but you're literally just in a mini house. I will say that when I went "camping" quotation marks in Vermont that was not camping because guess what we got a cabin. It was so fun. And we were like right on this little pond that we couldn't sleep or that we couldn't swim in, and I always love when there's some place where we can swim, but we didn't get to. So that was fun.

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“And then we started sinking.”

What do you think of when you think about up north? One of our team members goes camping and tubing up north every summer. So I don't go tubing up north. I go to a place with my cousins once in a while. And it's not the cottage, and we usually go tubing. The tubing is so fun! And one time, seven of us were on a tube and we were just going really fast, super fast. And then we started sinking. And then like almost every everyone but one of our cousins was - jumped off it and it was just so funny because it was just sinking and sinking and sinking. And another time when we were tubing, two of them who were the most cocky - like, "You guys are gonna fall off. We aren't." They were the two who fell off and we had to circle back to get them. I'm so glad it didn't happen to me, that'd be kind of creepy. But it'd be refreshing. And so that was just a really fun experience that I had. It was super fun. It was more like down south, but yeah going tubing is one of my favorite things to do. And it was for my grandparents 50th anniversary. And it was just super fun like because we had to take photos later in the day - family photos. But until then we'd just go tubing and when we got back we had hot dogs and we got to do stuff at the beach. It was super fun. It was like one of the funnest experiences I've haded in my - I've had, not haded in my life.

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