“My grandma is a very competitive Easter egg hunter.”

But then the next morning, I did -- it was East- -- the day before Easter, I did a few Easter egg hunts. My grandma is a very competitive Easter egg hunter, and while I was going up picking eggs, she was like, "Go over there, go over there!" and when I wasn't going over there, she would just pick up stuff and stuff them in her purse. Oh, I have a funny story about this. Um, so that day we went to a place -- they said they were gonna have an Easter egg hunt at 1:30, right? So we get there at 1:10 and they say, "Okay. We've already done the Easter egg hunt. People were getting cold. So we just decided to do it." And so then, they offered us this free taffy candy. I can't have taffy. But then, so, my grandma -- so I was taking a few pieces and then my grandma was just like sweeping some into her purse, and then when she saw I looked like I was finished, she was like, "Take mo-" -- "Don't be shy!" because she wanted me to take more, and it was just a really funny experience and my mom still laughs over the situation. So yep, that was pretty funny.

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“…Doing science right now would be way better than just sitting there.”

Recently, like, two days ago I think, something really annoying for the whole class happened. So we were having snack, but then one person, I don't know who, didn't pick up their candy wrappers. So we had to - so we had to miss our science, which is at the end of the day, near our snack. So we basically have to sit on the carpet for 30 minutes. So for a while, people were trying to put together clues, figure out who it was. But then, our teacher just told us to stop. But for some weird reason, our teacher was videotaping us. I thought it was kind of weird, but some of the times, when I was sitting criss-cross applesauce, I just laid my head down on my knee then put both my hands out to make it a bit more comfortable, and sometimes I was just covering my ears because there was like a million people talking at once. But then, normally, so I don't like science the most. But then I thought, doing science right now would be way better than just sitting there. So that was just kind of annoying. And she said she would - she said that she would ask the principal to look at the, like, tapes and see who it was.

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“Seeing into the future could help with, like, probably a lot of things.”

And for the question "Would you rather be able to see the future or have a photographic memory?" I would pick see the future for a couple of reasons. Number one. If you thought, like, something bad was gonna happen or something, or there was something you don't like, cuz sometimes when you try new, new - when your, like, your parents sign you up for something new, you, like, are really scared and nervous to do it. But then if you look into the future, you wouldn't be as scared, as nervous of it, if you saw yourself having a really good time. So, and plus, like, another thing you could do is for, like, a math test or something, if you saw into the future, to see your own math test to see what things you did wrong. Then, you could fix those things. Like, sometimes I feel like I could do that with my math test 'cause at school sometimes when I do math tests, I get, like, the stuff right. But then I just sorta go too fast. Or, I just don't realize that I accidentally didn't, like, do something. So that would be really useful.  And plus, for seeing the future, if like, you think you would - you might be able to get something in the future when you weren't, like, sure about it, then you could just look into the future and see if you, like, did get it. Or if there were, like - if you had to like pick, like, "this or that" or something like that? Like two - let's say like, two - there're two different doors and behind one, there's nothing and behind the other, there's a hundred dollars. If you could look into the future, you would see if you picked the wrong door or the right door. So, and then all you would have to do is look into the future to see if the door, if the left or the right door - so, if it was the right door. Not like "left and right," like "yes or no" right. If you were right, then you could just go through the door. But if you were wrong, then you'd still know which one was the right door because you would just pick the opposite of that one.  And seeing into the future could help with,…

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“I’m grateful because my soccer just started…”

And the first question is, "What am I grateful for this week?" I'm just grateful for... Well, I mean, I'm grateful for a lot of things, but I'm just grateful because my soccer just started out and it's been a great experience. Super duper great experience. That I'm just so excited for the more memories to come. And I love to play soccer. It's my favorite sport in the whole wide world and just to have that taken away from me the whole winter and then finally get back to it, it makes me feel so good. And yeah, you do not know how much I love soccer. And we have two new players this year, and they are actually really good and they could definitely make our team better. So it's really really nice.

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“I felt like I really missed out…”

When I got over to the sleepover I was going to, I - my two friends that were at the sleepover said like "Hi" and that "You were late" - that I was, like, late and stuff. But my mom already told them I was gonna be late, or it was my dad, I don't know. But one of my parents told them, or maybe both, told them that I was gonna be late. But then, they said they'd been there since like three o'clock and then when I got there it was like five o'clock. So I felt like I really missed out. And sometimes, like, if I have a dentist appointment or an orthodontist appointment or something like that, and then I come back to school, everything is just kinda weird. 'Cause sometimes when I come in, they're just doing something and I'm like "What is this?" But then the funny thing is, like, whenever I come back from something like that, some reason, like, every time the class is making cards. So it's kind of a weird pattern, sort of.

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“I’m so proud of my sister for doing that kind thing to all those young kids.”

"Lots of places around East Lansing have opened their doors for free to MSU members this week to help. What is something that you've done to help someone who is hurting? What's something that someone else has done for you?" So I can kind of speak for my sister.  Excuse me? So, she goes to the ski hill a lot - Oh no. and when she sees little kids who fell, who're hurt, she'll go down and help them up. And that's just the kindness that she brings. How do you know about that? Do you stalk me at the ski hill? And actually this is just like -  and I'm so proud of my sister for doing that kind thing to all those young kids. She's like giving it back, her, like, stupidness to the world, and it's really really sweet that she earned back some of her smartness. Hey, I wish I could say that the same thing to you about helping and stuff, but I really can't so... Toys for Tots. Oh, yeah. Toys for Tots. She totally didn't have to tell me about that for me to remember. Okay. So every year I raise money by selling golf balls and Petoskey stones. You can contact my mom if you want any, and then we take all the money and buy toys for Toys for Tots and give it back. Like this yearm I raised 19 toys and I'm already starting to raise money for next year. Which is ridiculous. So if you want to donate, just contact my mom.

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“I was really grateful for Christmas…”

The first question is "What are you grateful for this week?" So as you know, Sunday was Christmas, and I was really grateful for Christmas, just in general. Christmas traditions, Christmas food, Christmas movies, Christmas presents, Santa, all those. So that's what I'm just really, you know, grateful for this week.

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“‘Does anything excite you these days as a 12 year old?’ Being alone without brothers coming up.”

Any big plans for break? Well, we had some but then grandparents got sick. So now, no. What were the plans?  Go down to Missouri and hang out with family. Were you excited by these plans?  No. So are you excited to be home? Not really, but more excited. Does anything excite you these days as a 12 year old? Being alone without brothers coming up. Will your brothers be able to make it, do you think? Probably not. Why not? Severe weather warnings. Have you been out on the severe roads or what do you know about the severe weather? I don't even think we've left. Nope. We've been hunkered in haven't we?  Yeah.

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“It’s a turkey the size of your puppy.”

So, what did you eat for Thanksgiving since you won't eat turkey?  Like, a bowl of mashed potatoes the size of my head.  You literally just ate mashed potatoes?  Carrots and cornbread.  So you had cornbread, carrots, and mashed potatoes.  Yeah. Anything else?  Nope. Doesn't sound healthy, does it?  Is there anything unconventional that your family has at Thanksgiving, or was it a pretty traditional menu? I think it was pretty traditional, except for like the turkey on steroids we had.  It wasn't a turkey on steroids. It kind of was. Did you see that thing?  It was a 22 pound turkey. Yeah! Turkey on steroids! It's a turkey the size of your puppy. Dad even made that joke.  Yes, it's a turkey the size of your puppy.  Yeah! Okay, do you remember that kid I was talking to? The one overseas?  Yeah. Yeah? I sent him a picture of the thing and he was like, "Oh my gosh, they were right, everything is bigger in America!" Where is this person from that you've been talking to?  He moved to Switzerland recently, so Switzerland.  Where was he before?  Afghanistan. Okay.  Yeah, he moved to go live with family.  He lives - he - does he have family in Afghanistan that he had to leave? I don't think so. I think everybody kind of moved with him.  Okay. How does he like Switzerland?  He said he likes it. It's pretty cold I bet.  He was freaking out. They got their first - not first snow, but - oh yeah, first snow a few weeks ago. Well, maybe not a few weeks ago, but you know what I'm saying? Like. Yeah.  I don't know, maybe a week or two ago, and he was freaking out, like he's seen snow before, but he was also like "Oh my gosh, there's so much!"

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“I actually do remember a poem that I will actually I’m gonna share it.”

"Have you ever written a poem, either for yourself or for someone? Do you remember what it was about? One of our team members had to write a book of poems for an English class. It was nerve wracking because everyone had to read everyone else's poems."Okay, I have - I've written multiple poems and I've read some poems. Actually, I've read a lot of poems because obviously I mean who doesn't like Where the Sidewalk Ends? I don't what its about, I just know has something to do with the sidewalk ending. But I do not remember the poems because it was in school, and I do know that I suck at writing poems. Oh my gosh, I actually do remember a poem that I wrote. Actually, I'm gonna share it. It's very cheesy. So we had to do this recently this year, and I'm in sixth grade, but we had to write a poem, like we had to write a biography poem about someone. And I wrote it on Demi Lovato. She's one of my favorite singers. I don't really - I mean she's an actress too, but I haven't really watched like shows that she's on, but anywho here's the poem: Demi is an actress and singer.She's born on August 12th - August 20th 1992.She got a big win on Barney and Friends while making amends with Selena GomezAt age seven she learned how to play piano and guitarwhile driving around in a car on tourwhile she lured people into watch her own Disney comedy sitcom Sonny with the Chance.The show is so good - the show is so good it will leave you in a trancewhile she's got some romance with Jordan Lutz.I'm wondering if they'll ever land on some rootsLovato is my fav, with her awesome vocalsand when her and her crew are acting like Royals. So yeah, it's kind of cheesy, but you know, and she actually was really good friends with Selena Gomez on Barney and Friends. So yeah, they were on it together.

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