“…the experience of rain falling on you in the middle of the night.”

Have you ever slept outside? What was it like? Does camping count? I've been camping countless times. I've been in Munising camping. I've been out east camping. I've been out west camping. I've been like down southish probably camping. I've been like camping like a lot of places we go camping quite a bit. So does camping count 'cause we - we're in a tent? We're not, no offense to people who use campers, but that's not camping. You don't get the experience of rain falling on you, in the middle of the night. And sounds not being blocked out and no AC and no actual bed. Like come on people you say you're going camping, but you're literally just in a mini house. I will say that when I went "camping" quotation marks in Vermont that was not camping because guess what we got a cabin. It was so fun. And we were like right on this little pond that we couldn't sleep or that we couldn't swim in, and I always love when there's some place where we can swim, but we didn't get to. So that was fun.

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“And then we started sinking.”

What do you think of when you think about up north? One of our team members goes camping and tubing up north every summer. So I don't go tubing up north. I go to a place with my cousins once in a while. And it's not the cottage, and we usually go tubing. The tubing is so fun! And one time, seven of us were on a tube and we were just going really fast, super fast. And then we started sinking. And then like almost every everyone but one of our cousins was - jumped off it and it was just so funny because it was just sinking and sinking and sinking. And another time when we were tubing, two of them who were the most cocky - like, "You guys are gonna fall off. We aren't." They were the two who fell off and we had to circle back to get them. I'm so glad it didn't happen to me, that'd be kind of creepy. But it'd be refreshing. And so that was just a really fun experience that I had. It was super fun. It was more like down south, but yeah going tubing is one of my favorite things to do. And it was for my grandparents 50th anniversary. And it was just super fun like because we had to take photos later in the day - family photos. But until then we'd just go tubing and when we got back we had hot dogs and we got to do stuff at the beach. It was super fun. It was like one of the funnest experiences I've haded in my - I've had, not haded in my life.

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“Our sister was leaning up against the water jets…. and she got stuck to it”

Let's tell the story of Tennessee. Oh, yes. Yes. So our sister she -- we were in a hot tub and she was in a hot tub. And well we were all in hot tub with a so we were sharing a house with my mom's friends family. And so we were all in the hot tub and our sister was leaning up against like the water jets or some filter, The vents! The vents. And what happened was she got stuck to it. And so she was stuck in the hot tub and she couldn't get like out, the suction was so bad. And then when she finally did there was this huge mark on her back and it was so funny. Don't tell her that but it was so funny. And now like basically to this day there's a circle thing on her back. There is not! That is such an exaggeration. No that is not true. She is lying, but -- But there was one for like week. Yeah for a week it was.

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“Today, I got four teeth out”

And actually, today, I got four teeth out and like first, and like first I got my laughing gas and numbness, then I waited, then I got two of my front teeth out, and then the fourth step. Was to...And again this one is again optional, to wait some more. Wait a little more. So the reason this is optional is because you can only be getting your front teeth out and you'd already be gone basically, so some people take three steps, some people, they don't have three steps but this is basically if you're getting front and bottom teeth out, these would be the steps. So, optional would be wait for bottom numbness. Cuz it takes a little longer for the bottom to get numb. And again, Five would be optional as well because step five would-be take bottom teeth out.

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“so it’s really weird looking and it was just how it sounds, an angry leprechaun dance.”

Any other ways you celebrated St. Patrick's Day?  Ummm, Uhhhh I don't know. Did you wear a green to school?  Oh, yeah. Describe. Earrings, socks, and hair clip.  So you just work accents of green?  Yeah, but then I still tattooed my entire face, when we got to school, which was fun.  And then, you had a green face.  And then, we were fedoras. Oh! Actually, me and [name] had an angry leprechaun dance.  An Angry leprechaun dance? It's very random thing to bring up.  Describe your angry leprechaun dance. No so in the middle of the dance, and it was sort of like, you could go out in the middle and then people would like cheer for you or whatever, and then you should show them your best moves. But me an [name] being morons that we are, and our other friend, did an angry, leprechaun dance, which is just how it sounds. So us being like, completely green wearing these hats. This is before the hats got stolen. And us was just looking like absolute morons went up like we I don't know how to explain it was like a weird Irish jig, but we did it and then we had the guy play metal or death metal. Oh, so it's really weird looking and it was just how it sounds, an angry leprechaun dance.  Were you angry when you danced? No  Okay. But, we had to make these weird faces - or we didn't have to, but we did like a frown but it wasn't like a normal frown. It was like, we we taped her cheeks back. So then it looked like frowns, but it was like, you couldn't move your face. So it looks so weird.  Did you win anything for this?  No.  You just did it because it was fun.  Oh, yeah, it looked so funny and weird. So why not?  That's cool.

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“I’m skillful uncoordinated”

So describe how you've been the butt of jokes. No, me being like X and being klutzy all the time and just dumb in general. Did your gym teacher have an interesting compliment for you? Recently? Skillfully uncoordinated. Why was your gym teacher calling you skillfully uncoordinated? Mainly, because we're playing volleyball and everybody in my family knows, Me and one of my brothers are very uncoordinated like insanely uncoordinated. Okay? Continue. And so lots of times I will hit the ball not in our court, but - why'd I say it like that? like they're super far away hit somebody or something like that and it looks like trick shots except for it's completely by accident and it usually ends up in somebody getting hurt. Are they hurt very bad? No, it's just like getting bumped on the head by a ball. So has you get gym teacher told you to try out for any sports or just to stay away? He told me that I would probably possibly do good at Basketball when I first started and then just kind of said, stay away cuz you will probably hurt someone. Why did he think you'd be good in basketball? Can you say that louder? Cuz I'm tall, not really though but taller than most girls in my class. Okay. so at one point he thought you were going to be a great basketball player and then he since decided be just needs to keep the class safe from you. Yes. Skillfully uncoordinated. Skillfully uncoordinated, Okay.

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“They were huge role medals and I think it’s really important that people learn about the Little Rock Nine.”

What I learned about this past week -- we actually went to a show in a town that is just, like, 15 minutes away from our town. And so we took a bus and we watched a show about, basically, the Little Rock Nine, it's called “Warriors Don't Cry.” So, I learned about the Little Rock Nine, and basically, they were a group of nine individuals who were African American. I think only one of them is not still living. But anyways, they had to -- they tried to enroll into a school that was, you know, for white people. And originally, it was just like 27, not 9, and it narrowed down to only 9 who actually tried to go to the school when they were finally, like, accepted. And then they got driven out by a mob, people tried to injure them, a lot of things happened. And then finally, one day, they got escorted in by the military and basically they paved the way for Black students to go to school in schools that, you know, white kids go to as well. So, they were huge role models and I think it's really important that people learn about the Little Rock Nine because it's an important part of history and it happened during a really rough time.

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“…we made a life-sized sarcophagus of me.”

That reminds me, in social studies this year they traced me and we made a life-sized sarcophagus of me and it was really cool because each group had to do it and then we made like a pharaoh and then it had, like, hieroglyphics on it and it, like, of my greatest achievements and it was colored to be like me and it was -- it was really cool. Like, it was made out of paper, but we stuffed it with stuff. And yeah, so it was a life-sized sarcophagus. And so yeah, I totally know what this is talking about with the ancient Egyptians.

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“Cuz she kept screaming at us, “You are a disgrace to our country!”

So have you ever sang The Star-Spangled Banner? Yeah, but not in any thing. What do you mean? When have you sang it? Well, we just learned it at school and then never did it again anywhere else. What grade roughly were you in, when you learned? Kindergarten, we just sang it once a year together in class, every year. So you've only ever sang in class as a group? Yeah Yeah, was it fun to sing? Not really. No? Cuz she kept screaming at us, "You are a disgrace to our country! You do not know how to sing! You unworthy little children!" Pretty sure- Probably close to her exact words. Pretty sure a kindergarten music teacher, didn't say that, but if I am in your- Not kindergarten, but definitely fourth grade. Okay. So, by the time you got the fourth grade, you were a disgrace to this country singing it. Yes. Okay.

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“I would love it to get word of the year”

My favorite word in the entire world is something that people often make fun of me for. I had the definition memorized by heart or at least the definition that I learned it. My favorite word is "blasé" It's a French origin. And it mean "uninterested or unimpressed because of frequent exposure or access" and it is my favorite word. I would love it to get word of the year because it's "blasé", you know, what, sounds like majestic. It sounds really nice. And I know that that's probably like really weird, but I really like that word, like it's a -- it's a pretty sound to say. And it's a super funny definition because if there was a kid named Blasé, like Blasé could feel blasé. My teacher, when she told us what blasé is, she said it wrong. She described it like something is blasé like you're exposed to it frequently, but really, it's an emotional. I looked it up and it's like, it's -- you feel blasé because something's exposed to you frequently. So, I have actually thought -- I actually corrected in my teacher inside my head a lot, and don't tell her that.

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