“It looked like boiling water…if the water were cookies.”

I failed at making cookies and they’re like — so I, I thought — cuz for some reason I was just craving cookies, right? So then I went to make the cookies. I did all the right ingredients and I looked up, like, how to make sugar cookies cuz I was gonna make chocolate chip, but we didn’t have any more chocolate chips left, so I just made sugar cookies. And so I looked up how to make sugar cookies, but, um — so I added all the right ingredients and I added all the right amounts, but something was wrong. I think it was the flour. I think I didn’t mix it well enough, cuz there was still chunks in it. So when I rolled them into balls and put them on the, on the pan or whatever, they were like bubbling in the oven like i- if — it looked like boiling water, but if they — if the water were cookies. So they were like boiling and then when I got them out, it was all just like one cookie, like one really hard cookie, and half of it was burnt, and half of it wasn’t cooked at all. And it was just really bad.

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