Anuya Shetty

"Did you prank anyone for April fools this year or have you done so in the past?" Yesterday was one of my friends birthday and coincidentally her birthday is on April fools day, didn’t get to prank her but it reminded me of this time where I pranked my cousin. So my friend from Canada came over to my cousin’s house and we were also there and for April fools we took some green toothpaste and we put it inside like a plastic bag and like smushed it up. So it looked kind of like, I don’t know like cream, like a sweet cream that you eat and we went to him and we were like, “hey, look we made this like frosting kind of thing. And we dyed it green you should try it, it’s really good.” I don’t understand how he believed that but he did. And he was so mad after he ate it cuz it was like the spicy kind of toothpaste. And he chased us around the whole house. Yeah, that wasn’t pretty but his dad got me back. He was like — he boiled like eggs and one of them was raw and it was supposed to be for my mom, the prank, but he did it on me instead. And I like you know, how when you break an egg, you have to like crack the shell, so I did that and the egg got all over my hands and everything. And so now whenever my uncle tells me to peel an egg when he’s cooking I get like suspicious of him cuz I don’t trust the eggs anymore.

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Ava Miller

"Is there a sound that makes you cringe?" There’s a lot of sounds that make me cringe, like nails on chalkboard, like one of the people said styrofoam rubbing together. What else? Oh, my bedroom is– there’s a gutter right by my window –and my bed is right by my window, so when it rains, after it’s done raining and the gutters just dripping. Also the gutters broken right there but nobody’s got to fixing it. So when it drips, it’s so annoying, and it’s just endlessly dripping. Also, when — during the summer time, there’s always a bird’s nest right there, which might sound nice to wake up to birds chirping. But when it’s, when they’re waking me up at like 6:00 or 7:00 in the morning, when you want to be sleeping in because you don’t have school, you kind of get on gets on your nerves. Another sound that makes me cringe is when you’re cutting with a sharp knife, I don’t even know if it has to be a sharp knife, just a regular ceramic plate, not like a plastic plate –well, it could be on a plastic plate — but not a cutting board, and it like slips, and it makes that screeching noise. I hate that. Or when you rub a fork on a plate bulb, it just makes my ears burn. Also, sometimes really really loud static makes me cringe.

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Avneet Pandher

"I'm a big Marvel fan" I’m a big Marvel fan and I found a quote the other day from a Tom Hiddleston interview where he said “everyone has two lives. The second one only begins when you realize you have just one.” I’ve been thinking about that quote ever since because I realized how good of a quote that is. Makes so much sense and it makes us more thankful for what we do have in life and life itself. “Some people say that life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond.” I agree. You can’t change what people are gonna say to you but you can change how you respond page to them. Again, big Marvel fan here. Wanda. Wanda in, I’m pretty sure Civil War, she said “I cannot control their fear only my own” and I agree with her. I think that is one of the best things that she said in Marvel Universe.

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“We started a new tradition.”

Who's a family member that you get to see at holidays? What do you do together? Well, apparently, when my grandparents came up, we started a new tradition. We watched Home Alone like every night. We watched Home Sweet Home Alone, the new one. Really good. There's some funny parts in it and my grandpa made it even funnier by laughing so hard that it's just contagious, and you have to laugh super hard, and then we watched Home Alone. And then we watched Home Alone 2. So all three nights in a row.

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“…it’s easier to become friends with people who have the same interests as you.”

Some people think it's hard for boys and girls to friends, what do you think? I don't think it's very hard. Maybe it just like, well, actually in a way it could be, because girls and boys -- this is not true for everyone, for example, some tend to share different interests. for example, the guys at my school, there're some girls in their groups too, so you know, it's not exclusive to one gender only. Like in my product team class or personal projects since we're an IB school, they sit around and watch a video sometimes and the friends in my group, we end up just like drawings. That's not too gender-specific. Like girls playing with dolls boys playing with cars, I guess is a better example. Well, I guess what I'm trying to go at is that -- it's more -- like it's easier to become friends with people who have the same interests as you. It's not something exclusive to either gender. Then again, there can be genuine sexism and stuff. Yeah, that can prevent guys and girls from being friends. There can also be transphobia and stuff. Like, there's this trans girl who I'm friends with. She might not be accepted as a friend by some transphobic people, you know, it could just -- a lot of, it could also be gender identity. Some people who disagree will not treat someone as they should be treated, and disregarding interests or stuff like that, just being mean to them because it's who they are. So, it's kind of sad, but, yeah, I feel like it's mainly interest or some problems with the kids themselves, you know, being either racist, sexist, transphobic, stuff like that.

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“…it definitely is possible for a boy and a girl to be friends.”

Some people think it's hard for boys and girls to be friends. What do you think? Okay, this is just like what I said earlier, like a friend of mine came over and he is a boy. It is definitely possible for boys and girls to be friends, like especially if you're neither gender. Because I have a friend who's not a boy or a girl, like, their pronouns are “they” and “them”. I think that's "them, they, their". That's their pronouns and like they're not a boy or a girl. So it really just depends, like it definitely is possible for a boy and a girl to be friends. Like my mom is an engineer and there are not a lot of girl engineers, so most of her friends are guys. So yeah, it definitely is possible.

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“I think in the US, we are very preoccupied with time.”

I think I would do fine living in a laid-back culture, especially with like a perception of time. I think in the US we are very preoccupied with time and being somewhere on time, and I think I have a tendency to run late so quote-unquote, but for me, it's just like I get there when I need to be there and, you know, things happen in life. I get stuck at the train tracks or I get stuck behind a tractor or there's a car accident or a million other things can happen and you just can't account for every possible scenario, so you know, I — and it's not good to rush. So I think I'd be fine in a laid-back culture.

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“My Mom was a tribal member of a recognized tribe.”
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“My Mom was a tribal member of a recognized tribe.”

So, I did indeed know that November is Native American Heritage Month. My Mom was a tribal member of a recognized tribe here up in northern Wisconsin, actually. And because she was -- my siblings are from her first marriage, they are also recognized members of the same tribal band. Although, I only have one sibling left and Native American history has, although not taught in school very much, always been a part of my existence, I guess. So yeah, I don't know if I've learned so much about Native American Heritage Month per se. I mentioned to my brother, I said, "I think it's -- I see it's Native American heritage month." He said, "Oh, is that right?" So, you know, he says, "Oh, isn't that nice?" But yeah, being native has always been -- being part native, I'm proud to claim, has always been a part of my heritage. I'm not a member of the tribe. I'm actually too white to be a member of the tribe. My Dad's heritage is both of his parents came from Finland. So I'm actually half Finn, part German, and part native Ojibwa. So, we get together with my cousins and stuff and I says, teasingly say, "I'm the white guy in the family." And that's true, but I honor my Native American Heritage and I participate, somewhat, in my Native American Heritage as much as I can.

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“It goes in the tall grass and it just starts jumping up and down, and I’m hanging on for my dear life.”

So, I have been horseback riding. There was one experience that I had that almost made me never go horse riding again, and I've -- horseback riding again, and I've only done it once since. And by the way, that one time that I did it since, I enjoyed very much. So, I was afraid of horses already before we were going into this, but then I was building confidence. However, I did -- this was for Girl Scouts. So I told my troop leader "okay. I need the best horse. I am very afraid of horses. So can I please get, you know, a good horse?" And she's like "sure whatever you need. If you're going to go horseback riding." And then we went and I did not get the best horse and immediately my horse was going faster, kind of like, and then it would go like slow. And then the people were like, "oh, they've never gone off the trail. They'll never do anything to you." My horse, when we are going on the trail, there's this one road off to the side. My horse starts galloping. And it goes to the right and it just starts running. It goes in the tall grass and it starts jumping up and down, and I'm hanging on for my dear life. Like it was one of the most terrifying experiences I've ever had, and this horse is trying to buck me off. It's running around in circles in this grass like super tall and it's jumping up and down. And I will tell you that the workers immediately stopped what they were doing and they ducked under electric fences to save me, or yeah. Like that's how bad it was.

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“The first time I ever experienced a daylight saving was in high-school”

This entry is from our very own team member, Cherilyn Wang. See the "Meet the Team" page for more information. As an international student, I've never heard of it, even before I came here. So, I think the first time I've ever experienced a Daylight Saving was when I was in high school, when I first came here, it was 2016. I remember a night. I still remember that night. Me and my friends, we were like watching stranger things, I'm pretty sure and then we had school the other day so we couldn't like stay up too late, but the show was so good. So, we kept watching for like, like six hours straight and then we suddenly realized that it was like 4 o’clock in the morning. And I said, "why is it so late?" I didn't feel like that late. Cuz I felt like I was just so like, I paid so much attention to the show. I didn't, like, look at the clock at all, so I didn't know that it was Daylight Saving. So, I asked my friend like “why is it so late?” Cuz it felt like 2:00 something and it is four, and then she told me that it was a Daylight Saving. I asked why, and then asked “what’s the reason behind all this? What’s the history and everything?” That was pretty cool. I thought that, it was the first time I've ever heard of it. So, it was really interesting. And it took me a while to get back to my schedule. Cuz even though it was just an hour, it kind of affected my life quite a bit because, well, I lost like an hour of sleep. And the next day, I was like, I couldn't pay attention in class and everything, and yeah. And I think it’s more interesting when it switches from fall to winter, because we get an extra hour. So, every time I get really excited because I get an extra hour to like play games or watch a movie or something. It feels so precious. But yeah, you still need to pay off because like half a year later, you still need to give an extra hour. So yeah, I think it's really interesting, especially as a foreigner.

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