“It goes in the tall grass and it just starts jumping up and down, and I’m hanging on for my dear life.”

So, I have been horseback riding. There was one experience that I had that almost made me never go horse riding again, and I’ve — horseback riding again, and I’ve only done it once since. And by the way, that one time that I did it since, I enjoyed very much. So, I was afraid of horses already before we were going into this, but then I was building confidence. However, I did — this was for Girl Scouts. So I told my troop leader “okay. I need the best horse. I am very afraid of horses. So can I please get, you know, a good horse?” And she’s like “sure whatever you need. If you’re going to go horseback riding.” And then we went and I did not get the best horse and immediately my horse was going faster, kind of like, and then it would go like slow. And then the people were like, “oh, they’ve never gone off the trail. They’ll never do anything to you.” My horse, when we are going on the trail, there’s this one road off to the side. My horse starts galloping. And it goes to the right and it just starts running. It goes in the tall grass and it starts jumping up and down, and I’m hanging on for my dear life. Like it was one of the most terrifying experiences I’ve ever had, and this horse is trying to buck me off. It’s running around in circles in this grass like super tall and it’s jumping up and down. And I will tell you that the workers immediately stopped what they were doing and they ducked under electric fences to save me, or yeah. Like that’s how bad it was.

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