“My dog is ten pounds when he’s fully grown, but still.”

My old neighbors, they have these two dogs – I was so terrified of their dogs, I would freak. This is when I was afraid of any dog, any shape, size, whatever. I was afraid of it. Any dog, I was afraid of it, and I have a dog now, so it’s, like, super weird that I ever was afraid of dogs, but I was terrified. And now I think I was stupid but, anyways, I was – there were these big, humongous dogs, and I never had an encounter with them, but I thought they were the scariest things, and I would freak out every time I walked down that – down our road, ‘cause they would, like, always be outside. And I didn’t really understand – I was young – like, what an electric fence did and stuff. And so, I would walk down and they would be barking at me and they’re massive, like, 150 pounds a piece or whatever, and they’re just barking at me and acting – they’re just, like, fake running at me and I am, like, freaking out and, like, running away and, like, screaming for help. And it was – it’s just terrifying because those dogs were, like, massive and, like, they look so mean. And now I’m not afraid of dogs, like, I have a dog walking business, and I have a dog. My dog is ten pounds when he’s fully grown, but still.

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