“The first time I ever experienced a daylight saving was in high-school”

This entry is from our very own team member, Cherilyn Wang. See the “Meet the Team” page for more information.

As an international student, I’ve never heard of it, even before I came here. So, I think the first time I’ve ever experienced a Daylight Saving was when I was in high school, when I first came here, it was 2016. I remember a night. I still remember that night. Me and my friends, we were like watching stranger things, I’m pretty sure and then we had school the other day so we couldn’t like stay up too late, but the show was so good. So, we kept watching for like, like six hours straight and then we suddenly realized that it was like 4 o’clock in the morning. And I said, “why is it so late?” I didn’t feel like that late. Cuz I felt like I was just so like, I paid so much attention to the show. I didn’t, like, look at the clock at all, so I didn’t know that it was Daylight Saving. So, I asked my friend like “why is it so late?” Cuz it felt like 2:00 something and it is four, and then she told me that it was a Daylight Saving. I asked why, and then asked “what’s the reason behind all this? What’s the history and everything?” That was pretty cool. I thought that, it was the first time I’ve ever heard of it. So, it was really interesting. And it took me a while to get back to my schedule. Cuz even though it was just an hour, it kind of affected my life quite a bit because, well, I lost like an hour of sleep. And the next day, I was like, I couldn’t pay attention in class and everything, and yeah. And I think it’s more interesting when it switches from fall to winter, because we get an extra hour. So, every time I get really excited because I get an extra hour to like play games or watch a movie or something. It feels so precious. But yeah, you still need to pay off because like half a year later, you still need to give an extra hour. So yeah, I think it’s really interesting, especially as a foreigner.

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