“My Mom was a tribal member of a recognized tribe.”

So, I did indeed know that November is Native American Heritage Month. My Mom was a tribal member of a recognized tribe here up in northern Wisconsin, actually. And because she was — my siblings are from her first marriage, they are also recognized members of the same tribal band. Although, I only have one sibling left and Native American history has, although not taught in school very much, always been a part of my existence, I guess. So yeah, I don’t know if I’ve learned so much about Native American Heritage Month per se. I mentioned to my brother, I said, “I think it’s — I see it’s Native American heritage month.” He said, “Oh, is that right?” So, you know, he says, “Oh, isn’t that nice?” But yeah, being native has always been — being part native, I’m proud to claim, has always been a part of my heritage. I’m not a member of the tribe. I’m actually too white to be a member of the tribe. My Dad’s heritage is both of his parents came from Finland. So I’m actually half Finn, part German, and part native Ojibwa. So, we get together with my cousins and stuff and I says, teasingly say, “I’m the white guy in the family.” And that’s true, but I honor my Native American Heritage and I participate, somewhat, in my Native American Heritage as much as I can.

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