“The shelves with all the paper products were completely empty”

In a way I… I’m glad that it kind of hit me gradually. But I think I was really shocked when I went to Costco and the parking lot was filled, like there was no spot to park. Like you had to wait for a car to back out to get in. And then when I pulled in and got out, there were people and all they had in their carts was toilet paper. And I I was just in shock like what is going on and then I went in the store and there was like maybe two carts available and I looked — and this is like 15 minutes after the store opened — and I looked to the back of the, looked to the store and the line to checkout was snaking around the store and I just dropped the cart. You know, just just “I’m out of here this is this is awful.” That was that was the first time I realized this is something — this is bad.

And then on the way home I went to Family Fare thinking, “well, little Family Fare in Zeeland’s not gonna be as bad.” But when I went to Family Fare, the shelves with all the paper products were completely empty. And I’m like “this looks like a third-world nation” all the — it was scary. So that’s when I realized it was real.

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