“Our wedding date we decided on was May 9th.”

Have you or anyone close to you had to change or cancel any big plans because of this? I’m going to say that’s a real big Yes.

I proposed to my then-girlfriend, now-fiancee last March and our wedding date we decided on was May 9th. So clearly some changes were in order there.

When things first started to lock down around mid-March, we had a discussion at the time and we — we rolled it over for a few days and talked about it. The idea of what we might do what we might need to postpone or change or cancel whether we wanted to to limit the number of people, or what might be the best way. And as things kept progressing and getting worse that we we came to the decision that rather than try to keep crunching down our plans smaller and smaller and end up with something that was really half-baked or or not even, you know, not not even worth doing at all.

We just decided that we were going to do two things. The first of them was keep the same wedding date. All of the associated, you know, the friends the family the party all of that is all secondary to the actual purpose of the day, which is being married you know, joining ourselves together. We’re going to have a a church wedding and and you know, if the priest is there and two people are there to sign the marriage license that’s that’s really the minimum. So rather than cancel. We are delaying our reception to next May. Hopefully knock on wood next May everything’s able to happen.

We were able to push everything back to next May. we’re going to do up d the whole thing right. Right down to the party bus, you know, my my now fiance and and by then she’ll be my wife will be in her wedding dress again. We’re going to have all the bridesmaids and groomsmen we push back our our rentals for our tuxes and we’ll all be in in the full shebang, the party bus to get pictures taken. We’re going to try and get back to the church. Unless someone else is having a wedding that weekend. Try and get back into the church and do some pictures in our full with everyone there in the church that on campus and places like that.

You know my sister was already going to be my best man? We’re real close. So she was able to come and they got permission from the the church to bring someone who wasn’t immediate family. So she actually has a maid of honor instead of pressing her grandmother into serve in the role. So yeah, we’ll be doing that, just a little some some takeout food and and champagne and the church basement and and back home.

You know, it’s it’s one of those things where it’s it’s certainly disappointing. It’s it’s not what any of us wanted for the day, but you can’t really say it ruined the day. I mean, you know, as far as the party goes, well, we still intend to have that eventually it’s not a lost thing and and it sounds kind of cheesy or trite to say it but the wedding is the — the marriage is the important thing the actual you know, core of the wedding, not all the extras around it.

We also are able to — we’re going to livestream the ceremony and maybe some things at the small reception. We’re going to live stream of those on a Facebook group, which is foreign to us. Because neither of us to kind of people that have to live stream every moment of our lives, but it’s the you know, if if people could come we wouldn’t be sitting there going “but how will we live stream it for everyone else””, but it’s this case where since no one gets to come we’re going to go ahead and do that, so the family and the friends and people can can be there and share the day with us.

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