“I did donate two grand to my cousin’s charity.”

“If someone gave you $100 to donate, where would you donate it to?” I’d probably just try to tip someone or maybe a couple of people spread it out five bucks, ten twenty bucks to service workers. I should say service industry workers.

I guess in semi-related news.  I did donate two grand to my cousin’s charity. He runs a food pantry essentially in the Cleveland area. He owns a restaurant. Well, it’s a bar really.

And I don’t actually know him very well, my cousin. He’s a few years older than me, but actually he started this charity before the pandemic. It was like last fall and it was to provide aid to Food Service employees that were out of work, food and financial aid. So, you know, I think that’s just cuz he’s an extraordinarily generous person. But h—- s—-, could you have picked a more fortunate time to be getting a charity off the ground? I mean, I guess it’d be, I guess it’d be better to have one that’s even more mature. But you know starting it in, you know, October versus trying to start it in March, you know, that’s h—- of a head start, so yeah he had a couple connections already. There are a couple of organizations, they’re doing these Food Market things in the Cleveland area — market, not really a market. It’s free for the people they’re helping. But you know, maintain social distancing.

So yeah, I mean two grand’s not going to solve anything but you know, maybe that sponsors a day of food for the organization or you know at the very least, it’ll make — make a couple of people’s day.

*Note: we’ve excluded some mild language here in the transcript that is not bleeped out in the audio file

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