“Now I’m experiencing the same difficulty that teachers go through.”

Is there anything you are particularly grateful for this week? Yes, I’m actually grateful for being able to get working on some of the papers that I have been working on for years, and I’m trying to get it published somewhere, with one of my professors. And I am also grateful for getting a ticket, so I finally I can fly back home after graduation. You know after the COVID crisis started, things are not normal and I just got a ticket from the Saudi government for flying back to Saudi Arabia.

So yeah, I guess there are so many things that have been so difficult to live with during this COVID crisis, from working from home, trying to just create your environment where you are surrounded by your kids and stuff like that where you need a very peaceful, calm, quiet, place to just work on writing let’s say. It is hard for also just working on trying to teach our kids at home. That’s also hard. Has been so difficult for me, I haven’t dealt with that before but now I’m experiencing that same difficulty that teachers go through.

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