“It’s still a lovely day… I’m still choosing to go out.”

So I’m currently recording from Grand Mere beach. It’s the beach I frequent all the time since growing up. But unfortunately in the last two years erosion has pretty much destroyed the beachfront. It used to be a very large beach, with walking trails to get to it. So it was very secluded, but unfortunately because the shoreline is destroyed boats are just kind of encroaching closer and closer, making it difficult and pretty dangerous to swim here.

So hopefully they will restore it back to the way it was, but just in the last, again, two years, it’s been — it’s pretty much, it’s not a touristy beach and it’s difficult to swim and also access. We have a little shoreline to kind of lay a towel down on but it’s still a lovely day and so you can see even though the quarantine’s still kind of in effect, I’m still choosing to go out. The gyms are still currently closed, so I don’t have a means to swim.

I’m used to swimming about twice a week and I don’t have a pool to do that in at the gym. So I figured the beach would be a good alternative. Normally because there’s so many tourists that come from, Illinois, Indiana to South West Michigan, I would never think to go to the beach on a weekend, but because of COVID, there has been limited tourism this year; and so therefore I actually can get a spot at the beach.

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