“It’s a game where you first have to build stuff.”

Have you built anything this week? Did you do any Minecraft?   No, but like a couple of weeks before, I built a secret basement, Caleb does not know where it is. You done anything in Roblox? Yes, building simulator TWO!  Tell us about that. So it's a game where you first like have to build stuff, and get like this rotating thing, which you can -- if you make enough, you can convert it into gold. But you gotta build, so you have a fort you have to build. It goes so slow, but then soon you can get builders that build for you. But then after you get everything on that level, then you can move on to the next level if you had enough money to buy the next level.  Does the building simulator tell you what it wants you to build? No, in the beginning it gives you like something like how to play the game or whatever. So how do you know that you can move on to the next level? Because you can see, it says the cash on top of the -- on top of the next level, but if you bump into it, you cannot go through it unless you have enough money for it. Oh, I see.  I am like on level five of it.  How many levels can you go to? Don't know. At least like ten maybe. Infinite levels maybe? No, twelve, at least ten levels.

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“9/11, I do remember where I was when 9/11 [happened].”

The beginning of the lockdowns was a very significant historical event. Can you remember where you were the first time you heard about another significant event in US history, like 9/11, the moon landing, or JFK's assassination? 9/11, I do remember where I was at when 9/11 [happened].  I was working for an Allergy Center in Okemos and my husband -- my ex-husband who was my husband then, we had just actually moved out of our house in Lansing and we were waiting for our house to be finished in Owasso. We had a two month, about a two month time gap and we had to live with my parents. We had two little kids, my daughter was like four or five and my son was not even a year old and I was at work.  I was working at The Allergy Center in Okemos, and I remember some -- oh, one of the girls called, her husband called and she came up front and told us that a plane had struck the towers and I remember thinking in my head. Oh my gosh. Somebody is so going to get fired for this. This is bad. They hired somebody that was drunk or that was stoned or something and he flew into the building. Oh my gosh, I thought for sure. I was like, oh, this is horrible. You know, I mean I had no idea it was going to get that bad. So I just, that was my first thought and then when it kept going and going and going. I remember we had a patient in the room and she ran out in tears, one of her family members, I want to say maybe it was her brother or her brother in law or something worked in the Trade Center. And when the Trade Center went down, she ran out crying. Oh my gosh. It was awful. I remember watching it. All of us girls staff were in the doctor's office watching it on his TV and I remember thinking you know, what is going on here. So, I don't know it was just scary. It was super scary and it'll be something I remember forever where I was and what I was thinking and everything when it happened. So yeah, that was horrible.

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“A lot of times, you’ll hear a song and it will immediately take you to that moment in time…”

What role, if any does music play in my life? Music has always been a big part of my life. My mother's side of the family specifically is very musical. They played a lot of instruments, got together and sang, and did all sorts of things back in the day. So, music holds a special place for me.  Sometimes it'll inspire you, sometimes it'll bring you to tears, sometimes, you know, a lot of times, you'll hear a song and it will immediately take you to that moment in time when you first heard it or was something special particularly important about that particular song. I've got a song. Every time I hear of Carly Simon sing "You're So Vain", it was playing on every radio I could hear when I was in the Marine Corps boot camp back in the 1973. So every time I hear that song, for many years I was immediately transported back in my mind to boot camp. It still holds a special place in my heart for me because of that.

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