“It’s a game where you first have to build stuff.”

Have you built anything this week? Did you do any Minecraft?  

No, but like a couple of weeks before, I built a secret basement, Caleb does not know where it is.

You done anything in Roblox?

Yes, building simulator TWO! 

Tell us about that.

So it’s a game where you first like have to build stuff, and get like this rotating thing, which you can — if you make enough, you can convert it into gold. But you gotta build, so you have a fort you have to build. It goes so slow, but then soon you can get builders that build for you. But then after you get everything on that level, then you can move on to the next level if you had enough money to buy the next level. 

Does the building simulator tell you what it wants you to build?

No, in the beginning it gives you like something like how to play the game or whatever.

So how do you know that you can move on to the next level?

Because you can see, it says the cash on top of the — on top of the next level, but if you bump into it, you cannot go through it unless you have enough money for it.

Oh, I see. 

I am like on level five of it. 

How many levels can you go to?

Don’t know. At least like ten maybe.

Infinite levels maybe?

No, twelve, at least ten levels.

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