“The last time I had a “good haircut” was back in January…”

The last time I had a “good haircut” was back in January, early January or late December. My husband had given me a gift certificate to a spa/salon that is very upscale that I normally wouldn’t go to for a haircut and had a really nice cut and some highlights put in my hair. And that was before I went down to Florida with my mom. I did have my haircut once at Great Clips in Florida in early March before things really got crazy with the lockdown. So my last official haircut was in early March. Since that time I have been — I have a short haircut, so I just trimmed my bangs, I kind of sweep it to the side and was managing to get by but I was really shaggy over my ears in the back. Of course, I had no idea what that looked like, hadn’t looked, and haven’t been going out anywhere to really care, so I was just letting it go.

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