“I really absolutely hate and despise having to be a gatekeeper for this thing”

What’s been particularly difficult for me this week? I’ll tell you what’s really really really is difficult for me is… I work at a — I’m an essential employee at an essential business, or deemed an essential business and what really, really gets me going is these people who think that covid-19 is a joke. They think that it’s something to laugh at. They think it’s hilarious. And they don’t feel like we have a big red stop sign outside of our door where it says “You must wear a mask to enter” and we have people that insist that it’s their right to enter a private place of business without a mask if they so desire. So what really has been difficult for me this week, I really absolutely hate and despise having to be a gatekeeper for this thing. When I signed up with my employer I didn’t sign up to be a gatekeeper. I mean, I’d like to encourage people to wear mask or some kind of face covering and most people, 99.9% of the people are. But I hate, I absolutely despise being forced to be an enforcer and a gatekeeper for this thing. I mean, I understand I always wear my mask and I appreciate other people in retail because I know what it’s like to deal with the public about this thing, but I absolutely without a doubt despise having to be a gatekeeper for the having a mask on and that sort of thing. I just hate it, its not something I signed up for and I didn’t care for. I still don’t.

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