“…if I made a time capsule of 2020… what would go in the time capsule?”

I was thinking today about if I made a time capsule of 2020, so far we’re three quarters of the year in, what would go in the time capsule? So here it goes. See if your list is like mine.

First of all, of course, I’d put a mask in, and hand sanitizer. And I’d put in a canceled cruise brochure. We were going to take a Viking Cruise this summer. Argh, out.

I would put in my church key, useless to me now, I can’t get in church.

I would put in, well, this is tricky, either a computer or a picture of a computer of people doing Zoom. How important that is.

I would put in an Ottawa County parks map brochure, because instead of going on a cruise, my husband and I walked all the 42 Ottawa County parks and discovered the beauty in our local parks. I’d also put in a bicycle helmet, because again instead of doing a cruise my husband and I have done several bike trips and have had picnics. I’d put in my picnic tablecloth, because it signifies the delight in sitting out in the sunshine at a picnic table.

Speaking of that, I’d put in a loaf of banana bread. I’ve made more banana bread this year than ever before. I’d put in a camp chair, because it would signify the informal gatherings I’ve had with friends in my backyard in the delight, just being with someone simply in the backyard has been this summer.

I’d put in a jigsaw puzzle because I have done way too many jigsaw puzzles, at least two dozen and I do them twice. At least.

I would put in, well, realize you are not from Zeeland and that’s pretty much all of you, the feel the Zeel, Zeeland sign, with a heart, with a “Z” in the middle to signify the kindness of neighbors during this Covid time, and how the community has come together.

And I guess the last thing I put in is an election sign, because yes, it is an election year and what a momentous election year this is. So that’s what so far I’d put in my 2020 time capsule so far. I wonder what I’ll add to it.

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