“I’ve probably been like lost at… Meijer’s like a thousand times.”

So I’ve probably been stranded at Meijer’s. Well not any, ok stranded — I don’t know if I would call that stranded, but I’ve probably been like lost at, what’s it called, Meijer’s like a thousand times. And how I got back from that situation. My mom would go, with no type of embarrassment, she would go up to the office thing and she’d say, oh can you please announce to the whole store, my mom is looking for me in the front, and I’m like, oh my goodness like it was so embarrassing. I mean even as a child it was so embarrassing. But, you know nothing, yeah I’ve never been stranded anywhere like lost. I could not honestly see my parents like losing me or having me get into a situation where I would get stranded. But yeah, I’ve never been really stranded before.

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