“Working in the healthcare system, I’m very stressed.”

How has my week been? Working in the healthcare system, I’m very stressed. I’m– I feel like I’m always behind in whatever task I’m assigned. The number of mobile or portable studies that we’ve had to do has gone through the roof, and that puts a certain strain on our department. And I know my coworkers are feeling the strain and the stress of it, just as acutely as I am. We’re all burnt out, we’re understaffed and because of the regulations that have been put in place, the normal things that our employer may have tried to do to show their appreciation such as, you know, letting us bring food into work and have a pot luck or you know, providing us pizza once in a while, something like that. Those regulations have put a stop to all of those.

Um, actually just this week they instituted a new policy that our break room, which also functions as our locker room, is supposed to be limited to four people any one time. When there are probably close to sixty people that are assigned to use that locker room and break room. We’re supposed to stagger our breaks so that only four people are in there at any given time, and if we have to remove our masks to eat, we’re supposed to face the walls and not talk to each other. So, they’ve certainly done a lot that is making us feel even more isolated and more unappreciated. All in the name of trying to keep us safe.

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