“…it was so emotional and amazing to see people’s reactions.”

I do have awesome news from — the reason — one of the reasons this week has been so amazing for me is the hospital received the Pfizer vaccine last week, Tuesday. And started vaccinating our front-line health-care workers on the COVID unit. And it was so emotional and amazing to see people’s reactions. I do some video work for the hospital and so they had me doing some things for the news — for us to send out photos and videos of people getting — the first sets of people getting their vaccinations done. So I got to be kind of involved in that which was really, really cool. I know that’s the kind of like a historical moment that I got to be involved in. So I was really, really happy about that. Seeing people crying and hugging and all these emotions that are coming out. People who have been struggling and distressed and mentally taxed and just all of these things, for these last nine months, you know, and finally feeling this glimmer of hope with this vaccine coming.

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