“If you’re not familiar with doomscrolling, that’s what it is.”

What were you doing when you first heard about the riot on Wednesday? Were you following along? How did or how do you feel? Yeah, so I had just come home from my parents house, like I mentioned, I've been visiting a lot, so I had just gotten back. I didn't really do much that day. I think I just kind of laid around, and I got my poop in a group over here, put my things away, that kind of a thing. And all of a sudden I was on Twitter, and somebody said something about somebody was shot at the Capitol. And I was like "What?" And I -- I didn't even know what was going on, like I had no idea that there were even people there, like I missed that entire thing, right? I was just hanging out with my family and then before that I had been at work, so like I just really been out of the loop. And yeah, so I texted my friend and I say, “someone's been shot at the Capitol, do you know what's going on?” And immediately we both start following the news, pretty fervently. But yeah, so, you know, constantly we're both watching different news sources and checking different things and sending it to each other, just kind of doing what they call "doomscrolling". If you're not familiar with doomscrolling, that's what it is. You just feel sh**tier and sh**ier as you go, but you keep on scrolling because you feel like you have to keep up, you feel this responsibility to keep up.

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“I came up with an idea of creating a book… like a children’s book but about her cat.”

Yeah, and I also -- not only getting gifts, but I do love when-- when I know I’ve got a gift for somebody that I know they're gonna love. And for my girlfriend, I can't recall if I mentioned this in the first diary, but her first cat passed away in November, suddenly, and pretty awfully, we found her dead in the middle of the night. Not to be all depressing about things. But I came up with an idea of creating a book, like you can on like on Shutterfly or Snapfish, kind of creating like a children's book, but about her cat Rory. So I went back and using all the -- all the resources I could find, whether my own pictures or going through her Facebook page, and going back to 2008 to find as many pictures of Rory as I could to string along a narrative of her life. And I kind of made a children's book about Rory out of it. And I knew that was going to be a home run, and I actually teared up making it. And yeah, and I saved that one for last because I didn't want to like bring down Christmas. I knew she would love it. But I also knew she was going to cry when she saw it. So I saved that gift for after we had opened mostly everything else. And yeah, she cried and I cried. And I read it to her and it was pretty great. And so we have that Rory book is kind of one of our -- it's on our bookshelf kind of propped up in a pretty visible position. Luna our new cat sometimes knocks it over. I don't think because she doesn't like Rory but just because it looks like a fun thing to knock over. But yeah, I think that's gifts.

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“So my wife an I had a interesting date night last night.”

My wife and I had a interesting date night last night. We did a COVID wassailing. It involved picking up a package from a local cidery, Tandem Ciders of Suttons Bay, and it contained two bottles of cider, two pint glasses, a piece of toast and the instructions. And traditionally the wassailing would be through Orchards, it'd be a group of people drinking and singing and scaring away the bad spirits and waking up the cider trees, to produce a bountiful harvest of apples. And we can't do that right now. So, we got a to-go packet, we put our son to bed and then opened up some cider and had a delicious little cider and then sang wassailing songs and walked around the yard and then hung a slice of toast on our oldest tree. We don't have any apple trees in the yard, so it's on a old maple. And then we gave a toast to the tree, a toast to ourselves and that was it. It was weird. It was good, it was something to break the normalcy of a -- kind of not doing things. But it was just odd that the whole point of a wassailing was getting people together and so doing this activity that we've done before in Orchards with friends and strangers was something we had to do by ourselves.

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