“So my wife an I had a interesting date night last night.”

My wife and I had a interesting date night last night. We did a COVID wassailing. It involved picking up a package from a local cidery, Tandem Ciders of Suttons Bay, and it contained two bottles of cider, two pint glasses, a piece of toast and the instructions. And traditionally the wassailing would be through Orchards, it’d be a group of people drinking and singing and scaring away the bad spirits and waking up the cider trees, to produce a bountiful harvest of apples. And we can’t do that right now. So, we got a to-go packet, we put our son to bed and then opened up some cider and had a delicious little cider and then sang wassailing songs and walked around the yard and then hung a slice of toast on our oldest tree. We don’t have any apple trees in the yard, so it’s on a old maple. And then we gave a toast to the tree, a toast to ourselves and that was it. It was weird. It was good, it was something to break the normalcy of a — kind of not doing things. But it was just odd that the whole point of a wassailing was getting people together and so doing this activity that we’ve done before in Orchards with friends and strangers was something we had to do by ourselves.

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