“I came up with an idea of creating a book… like a children’s book but about her cat.”

Yeah, and I also — not only getting gifts, but I do love when– when I know I’ve got a gift for somebody that I know they’re gonna love. And for my girlfriend, I can’t recall if I mentioned this in the first diary, but her first cat passed away in November, suddenly, and pretty awfully, we found her dead in the middle of the night. Not to be all depressing about things. But I came up with an idea of creating a book, like you can on like on Shutterfly or Snapfish, kind of creating like a children’s book, but about her cat Rory. So I went back and using all the — all the resources I could find, whether my own pictures or going through her Facebook page, and going back to 2008 to find as many pictures of Rory as I could to string along a narrative of her life. And I kind of made a children’s book about Rory out of it. And I knew that was going to be a home run, and I actually teared up making it. And yeah, and I saved that one for last because I didn’t want to like bring down Christmas. I knew she would love it. But I also knew she was going to cry when she saw it. So I saved that gift for after we had opened mostly everything else. And yeah, she cried and I cried. And I read it to her and it was pretty great. And so we have that Rory book is kind of one of our — it’s on our bookshelf kind of propped up in a pretty visible position. Luna our new cat sometimes knocks it over. I don’t think because she doesn’t like Rory but just because it looks like a fun thing to knock over. But yeah, I think that’s gifts.

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