“What am I grateful for this week? And it’s a simple answer for me this week, acrylic paint.”

I’m going to try to answer the question of what am I grateful for this week? And it’s a simple answer for me this week, acrylic paint. Which sounds kind of strange, but I have been pursuing a hobby of painting rocks. There’s a project that’s been around for several years, I don’t know exactly when it started, but it is called Kindness Rocks and a woman started painting rocks and hiding them. I mean, they’re painted with messages or sayings or just designs and hiding them for people to find. And you know it brings really amazing joy to people to find these rocks. And I’ve had no visibility to this — oh, well, I should go back to why am I grateful for acrylic paint this week: I’ve been painting rocks and specifically rocks that my husband asked me to paint some rocks to use as markers in our garden. So I’ve done let’s see summer squash, red pepper, green pepper, jalapeno pepper, habanero, lettuce, watermelon, carrots, eggplant, zucchini, cucumbers and radishes and cantaloupe. And along with that some of ‘em I’ve put cute little sayings on like the cucumber has “dill with it” and “you’re so cuc” like cucumbers. So I’m not a great artist or you know, can’t really draw so it’s by, I told him I’m happy to do these rocks for you as long as you can read. So I’m putting the names of all the plants on the rocks along with an image that I’ve tried to create, conveying what the plant is supposed to be. So they’ll go in our garden when we’re seeding and looking forward to a good summer crop before all of the weeds come and destroy those fantasies that we have of a garden.

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