“They never figured out who it was on the roof an we were of course up to teenage shenanigans.”

My biggest most successful mischief in high school? I went to a Catholic school with 44 other students, there’s not much you got away with, so I can’t even say I did anything successfully. However, I do remember now one night going with some friends, it was one of my junior or senior year. And we climbed up on the roof of the high school and mind you I said this was a Catholic school, so the priests lived like behind the school in a house cause it bumped up to a neighborhood. And they heard us, they couldn’t see us, but they heard us. They never figured out who it was that was on the roof and we were of course up to teenage shenanigans and there may have been some vodka involved, but that was fun. Other than that, there was not much you could get away with in school everybody knew you and they knew your parents and your siblings and your cousins and it was too much connection.

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