“Really soon I’ll have to put them in my sock museum.”

Why my voice is different from normal is because I’m really sad about my socks cuz really soon I’ll have to put them in my sock museum.

What’s your sock museum?

It’s where I put all my socks I really love.

Can you remember some of the socks in that box?


What did they look like?

Well I don’t completely remember them.

Did some have dinosaurs on them?




Are you sure?

Yeah, I think.

When do socks go in the Sock Museum?

When they have like a hole or something.

Why do you think it makes you sad when your sock gets a hole or you get too big for it?

Because I really enjoy wearing them. And also, they’re socks I just really love.

Is it because you’re getting older and you don’t like it?

Yeah because I always remember when I was wearing them and how happy I was.

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