“Thank you for showing me how dirty I am. Please go. I cannot afford a thousand.”

Okay, I have had a weird experience with a salesperson. And this is with a door to door salesperson and it was about — let’s see four years ago. I was living in Aztec, New Mexico in a rental house. My husband was at work, I had two small kids at the time, and a man came to the door selling vacuums, which would, y’know, like “no, thank you.” Not only was he selling vacuums, but he was selling like –I think the vacuum cost thousands of dollars for a vacuum, which especially at the time we were just so broke, with my husband working as a poverty lawyer on the Navajo Reservation. We had no money and I was certainly not going to buy a thousand — multi thousand dollar vacuum cleaner, but for some reason and I can’t remember why, uh possibly because I’ve been bred to be very uh accommodating,

I let the guy in the door so he could — he said ” couldn’t I just vacuum your rug. You looks like — if — you just look like you could use some help vacuuming the rug, which is in hindsight a little bit offensive, but I do remember that was the — that was the sales pitch to get in the door. “I’ll just clean some surfaces. You tell me no, I leave.”

Well, this person — this man, he must’ve been in his, I’d say, early thirties maybe. He would not leave. And he kept pushing these articles at me about how like all of my furniture and pillows and mattresses must be just like 98% bed bug and dust and mite poop and like — so like went for the terror angle and kept vacuuming different things and just like, “oh look at all this dirt, can you even believe this filth that you’ve been living in?” Like, “thank you. Thank you for showing me how dirty I am. Please go. I cannot afford a thousand — multi thousand dollar vacuum cleaner. Please go.” But he wouldn’t go.

Finally my husband comes back and I’m hoping that he’s quite a bit more direct and a lot less worried about hurting people’s feelings, that he’ll get the guy out of the door, and even he couldn’t get the guy out of the door and it had to get to the point of the most uncomfortable interaction with a human being I’ve ever had in my life. Where my husband had to — very forcefully, said, “Leave! Just leave!” to get this guy to leave the house. It was deeply uncomfortable. But yeah, that was that had to have been my most bizarre experience with a salesperson.

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