“And so I went through this state of confusion”

Looking back to the beginning, was there a specific moment you realized this was going to be a big deal? Oh yeah, oh COVID. I remember very — I remember exactly actually. It was mid March, and I guess that’s not exact, but I remember it was one day until my state meet for my synchronized swimming competition. And we had been practicing for months and months and months. And the next day was going to be our meet. And I remember at school, they started talking about this whole COVID thing, like, “oh in a couple of weeks we might take a week or something off.” And I was like, “okay, yeah, whatever, taking a week off is chill.” And then that was on a Thursday and then that Friday like there was no school. I remember I had a physics test that Friday and I was so happy there was no school ’cause I did not want to take the physics test. But I was super, super upset because we also didn’t have our state meet. I was like, “wait, what? So are we rescheduling it? What is going on?” So then just like that, like a week went by, and I was like, “okay, well, they did say a week,” and then I started watching the cases and they just kept going up. And I was like, “wait a second, wait a second. This is not — this is not what supposed to be happening, you know? This is like something that happened so far away, like why is this affecting me? Like, I don’t understand.” And so, I went through this like state of confusion, I guess.

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