“The kind of thing that I associate whenever I’m eating lobster is… my family being together.”

So for me I have a decently interesting story for behind like what’s my favorite food. So I really like lobster. Lobster tastes, tastes pretty good. The way my mom makes it is pretty good, but kind of the memory I associate with having lobster or like the kind of thing that I associate whenever I’m eating lobster, is kind of like, my family being together because she would always make lobster since it’s fairly more expensive than just what I normally eat. Like, I don’t eat lobster every day. It’s reserved for special occasions like a holiday or a birthday celebration. And for these celebrations, my whole family would gather together and my mom would, of course, cook the lobster for dinner. And I love the taste of seafood and kind of like the novelty of, because it would just be like once every few months that I would be having this dinner. So, definitely, like I like the change of pace and also because It would be the gathering of, like, my family. My siblings are significantly older than me and they don’t, they didn’t often like come home except for these celebrations or holidays so whenever they would come home it would be, they would enjoy this lobster dinner with me and there would usually just be a fun time with everyone together.

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